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  • Plants vs. Zombies Teaser Revealed Ahead of E3 2013

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    E3 2013 @Los Angeles will last from June 11 to 13, ahead of this conference, PopCap released a E3 trailer for its knock-out product 'Plants vs. Zombies' series. Broken planter, zombie's helmet, messy grass and a yellow toy duck, through the trailer video we can easily find out many classical elements of 'Plants vs. Zombies' games, and these scenes leave us many questions and make us mor... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week

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    This week's key words of rencommended mobile games are 'Action', 'Movie' and 'Casual'. You must be curious about the 'Movie', right? Because I'm going to introduce some upcoming games based on blockbuster movies, of cause some released casual games for casual players. Without further ado, let's go and see the games. Gangstar Vegas - Gameloft genre: Action | price: $6.99 ... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Battlestone (Android) Review

    There are no shortage of titles for gamers to get their fix while on the go. Battlestone, Zynga's newest RPG-Lite outing is the latest in a long line of contenders for your time and money. The first thing that stands out in the game are the visuals, the strike me as a semi-paired down version of World of Warcraft and that isn't necessarily a detractor. The visual appeal and the audio o... Read More »

  • Mobile Games to be Exhibited at E3 2013

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    E3 2013 is about to start, excepting of a variety of games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, there're also some high quality mobile games in store for players who love mobile games. Gameloft Reveals 'Modern Combat 5' in the Latest Trailer Ahead of E3 Modern Combat 5 is the fifth game of blockbuster FPS franchise - Modern Combat for smartphones and tablets, featuring the following elem... Read More »

  • SQEX's DEUS EX: The Fall, Bringing Augmented Humans to iOS

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    Square Enix has announced a new work of DEUS EX series titled DEUS EX: The Fall, which is going to launch for iOS devices soon this summer. DEUS EX: The Fall is a story-driven ARPG set at around 2027, which is a golden age for science, technology, and human augmentation. Entering the game, players will follow a man called Ben Saxson, who's a former British SAS Mercenary, also a augmente... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Kingdom Rush Frontiers Simple Preview

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    If you have played the previous crop of Kingdom Rush, you must know this is a representative work of tower-defense mobile games. Have you been waiting for its sequel for a long time? Now it's time to try Kingdom Rush 2 - Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Kingdom Rush Frontiers already launched on the Newzealand AppStore, and will set for a global launch very soon. Here I'm going to take you... Read More »

  • Gameloft Posted out Gangstar Vegas' Developer Diary

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    Gameloft has posted out Gangstar Vegas' developer diary and revealed that this game is coming very soon. The video presents a variety of gameplay along with some details explaining by the developer group. It's worth noting that that Gangstar Vegas's world map size is getting bumped up to 9 square kilometers up from the previous Gangstar Rio's 1 square kilometer. In addit... Read More »

  • Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Windows 8 Devices in July

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    Microsoft has announced that their Halo: Spartan Assault a new top-down, twin-stick shooter for Windows 8 devices is slated for a July release. Set between Halos 3 and 4, players have to complete a mission called 'Spartan Assault'. You're able to customize your roles on the battlefield through various loadouts, and also be able to hop in and out of familiar vehicles like the Wraith or t... Read More »

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2 Heading to iOS July 18, Free-to-Play

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    Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is slated for a launch on July 18, supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and it's free-to-play. The game world will be set in different times, including The Wild West, Ancient Egypt, and The Future. This free-to-play game will have in-App purchases which include upgrades and other items. Popcap said that the vast majority of the game would b... Read More »

  • Dawn of the Dragons with Gripping Storyline Comes to Android

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    First launched on Facebook back in May 2010, and later released for Kongregate and Armor Games, Dawn of the Dragons arrived for Android in North America on June 3rd. According to Chief mobile officer Rob Carroll, there are no differences between the iOS and Android versions, but users can play simultaneously with other players on either platform. However, they decided to i... Read More »

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