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  • 'Legend of Dungeon' New Hands-on Video Revealed

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    Legend of Dungeon is a multiplayer co-op Rogue-Like-like beat'em'up with dynamic shading on awesome pixel art produced by the husband & wife team 'Robot Loves Kitty', the game allows 4 players online at the same time to adventure a 26-layer dungeon, not only to find the treasure, you also need to leave the dungeon safely with your members. Now the latest version 'Alpha Nymph 2' is ... Read More »

  • Mew-Genics is Going to Meet Gamers at PAX Prime

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    Mew-Genics is a simulation game also combining many other funny game elements, for example the fight mode as 'Pokemon' and the interactive communication like 'Animal Crossing'. Every kitty in game has its own features inherited from parents, when completing missions players need to utilize every cat's features skillfully. In addition, when different cats get together, they will influenc... Read More »

  • Halo: Spartan Assault Listing Page Appears on Windows Store

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    Originally revealed last month, Halo: Spartan Assault is slated for a July release for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices such as Windows PC and Surface. However, Microsoft may release this game earlier than we expected as a listing for the game title has already appeared on the Xbox page of the Windows Store. Unfortunately the listing doesn't feature more details we don't alre... Read More »

  • Warhammer Quest (iOS) Hands-On: Addictive Dungeon Adventures

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    Originally a table-top board game released in 1995 by Games Workshop, Warhammer Quest sets in the Warhammer universe and provides enjoyable and unexpected strategy play with the use of miniatures, cards and dice. Now Rodeo Games transfers the dungeon crawling experience from huge physical board game into a 734 MB iOS game that can run on almost all Apple devices with iOS 6.0 or above. O... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week

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    'Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week' is a weekly column article that aims to recommend you the latest and high quality mobile games worth having a try. This article will introduce you different genres of new mobile games ranging from MMOs of shining graphics to the most popular casual games, and there will always be one that you're interested. Fightback - Ninja Theory genre: ... Read More »

  • 'Plants vs. Zombies 2' In-App Purchases and More Revealed

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    PopCap has revealed the premium content for 'Plants vs. Zombies 2', according to Digital Spy's interview with lead producer Alan Murray, excepting of a small number of plants, all content in the free-to-play sequel will be fully playable without costing money. Squash, Jalapeno, Snow Pea, Torchwood, four plants from the original and a new Power Lily, which spawns a new currency nam... Read More »

  • 'Real Racing 3' 1.2.0 Updated, Featuring More Prestige Cars

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    Racing game fans' benefit - EA just updated its Real Racing 3 on July 2 featuring more prestige cars. Bentley and Mercedes-Benz join Real Racing 3’s extensive stable of manufacturers, while the highly requested Time Trial mode arrives with global leaderboards and ghost racing. Here's a list of 'What's New in Version 1.2.0', take a look. New manufacturers – Bentley and Me... Read More »

  • Prince of Persia 2 to be Released on July 25th of $2.99

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    Ubisoft announces the Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame to be released formally on July 25th with a price of $2.99, that means we'll soon be able to play this Prince of Persia 2 remake on our mobile devices. Prince of Persia 2 remake for smartphones keeps the same storyline as the 1993 version but adds virtual buttons and a gesture-based interface which are designed spe... Read More »

  • CHAOS RINGS Σ Expected to Launch for iOS & Android This Year

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    Square Enix recently announced the new CHAOS RINGS Σ - a social RPG designed for smartphones, in CHAOS RINGS Σ all 27 characters of CHAOS RINGS series will appear, including original characters 'Egenart ' and 'Aerodyn' from CHAOS RINGS comic. The game story is expected to be wrote by the famous Yukinori Kitajima and a luxurious lineup of casts will help make the game voice. ... Read More »

  • 'Plants vs. Zombie 2' Showing off New Characters Artwork

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    For some reasons, the 'Plants vs. Zombie 2' is set to release later this summer, but recently PopCap Games has revealed some artwork showing off some new characters that will be added in this game. Check out the new characters artwork below. Plants vs. Zombie 2 will feature new worlds, levels, plants, zombies, and ways to play -- including a time travel mechanic, every zom... Read More »

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