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  • Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers Coming Soon

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    Following the launching of Magic 2013 for iOS, Magic 2014 is on the way. Magic 2014, which full title is Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, features 10 brand-new card packs, 15 turn-based challenge modes and 10 puzzle challenge modes, also a brand-new mode - 'Sealed Campaign' is added. What's 'Sealed Campaign': Begin with six 14-card Booster Packs (84 cards); Use them... Read More »

  • New Hitman Game for Mobiles & Next-gen Consoles Revealed

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    Square Enix America & Europe revealed that IO Interactive are working on a "new AAA Hitman game." According the Gamesreviews, Square Enix Montréal, a studio that is "a centre of excellence for game development on smart devices (primarily tablets)," will work on the Hitman brand With IO Interactive. Our focus remains firmly set on making great games and delivering unforget... Read More »

  • Be Ready to Dive into CoC Collaboration Dungeon

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    Supercell and GungHo have announced collaboration before, and their collaboration Dungeon just be revealed by Puzzle & Dragons team this weekend. Here's a message via Puzzle & Dragons facebook official fanpage, *Get Ready to Clash!* [6/24 midnight - 7/7 11:59 PM PDT] Hey Chief! Looks like we’re being invaded by a Clan of Barbarians! Think you’ve got w... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week

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    Because of E3 2013, we've been away for a week. Now, 'Slide2P Recommended This Week' is back! What games we're going to introduce? Stay tuned and follow my words... XCOM: Enemy Unknown - 2K Games genre: strategy | price: $24.99 The award-winning PC and console game of the year finally comes to iOS on June 19, that is the 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown'. Threatened by an unkn... Read More »

  • Shadowrun Returns Coming on July 25th for iOS & Android

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    Shadowrun's creator Jordan Weisman has attracted over $1,800,000 in April last year for his new project Shadowrun Returns via Kickstarter. For some reasons, the new project was delayed, and its release date was put off to sometime abound June 2013, and here's another bad news that Shadowrun Returns will not launch on iOS and Android as expected this month. But don't worry, you'll be abl... Read More »

  • Full Control Released New Screenshots for Space Hulk

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    A pair of new screenshots were just revealed by Full Control for its in development Space Hulk. We have been waiting for this 3D digital turn based strategy game for a long time, though Full Control has released teaser or screenshots sometimes, but when this game launches, it's still unknown... Hope Space Hulk to hit the AppStore at some point this year. Photo Sour... Read More »

  • Crytek is Going to Release 'The Collectibles' for iOS

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    The developer of CryEngine and the famous Crysis and Far Cry series - Crytek, is about to release a new tactical action game for iOS later this year titled 'The Collectibles'. This upcoming game will support Apple’s new MFi gaming controller framework, and Crytek has showed us a preview of the game and new controls during a session last week at WWDC 2013. Below are the photos taken at W... Read More »

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launches This Thursday for iOS

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    A good news is that the highly anticipated XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch on iOS this Thursday, June 20th, with a price of $19.99 and without any of in-App purchases. Speaking of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it is produced by Firaxis which has developed the famous strategy game Civilization and will be published by 2K Games. It is a turn-based strategy game, in game, players have to prev... Read More »

  • Clash of Clans 4.53 Update: Freeze Spell and P.E.K.K.A Added

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    The latest update of Clash of Clans brings an exciting new battle spell - freeze spell and advanced warfare - P.E.K.K.A, also some more content. Speaking of the new spell - freeze spell, it is only unlocked when you have upgraded your Spell Factory to level 5, and this spell has the ability to freeze Clan Castle troops and turrets in a particular area (More details of free... Read More »

  • What's New in Clash of Clans Version 4.53

    This update - Version 4.53 of Clash of Clans brings an exciting new battle spell, Japanese language support and more! Features: 1. Customizable troop requests Now you can include a message with your donation request! SHARE this to spread the news! 2. The new MAXED OUT level 6 Lightning and Healing Spell, plus increased DE storage hit points! ... Read More »

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