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  • SEGA Announced Ciel Art (iOS) to Launch Later This August

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    SEGA announced a new title Ciel Art for iOS on August 5, which will be free-to-play (in-App purchases included). It talks about a story of humans who lost their homes striking back with Titans. Although the game genre is unknown at present, it seems that Ciel Art will contain multiplayer elements, players will join a group called '飛空団' to battle with Titans. Ciel Art, deve... Read More »

  • Behold Studio's Chroma Squad Hits Kickstarter Goal

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    Behold Studios, developer of Knights of Pen and Paper, has successfully reached its funding goal of the new project - Chroma Squad via Kickstarter. Chroma Squad not only passed its $55,000 goal with 15 days to go, but has 2,597 backers who've pledged $63,119 (as of this writing). Now you must be very curious about this Behold's new project, it's based on a 90s' Japanese TV series ... Read More »

  • The Drowning is Available on the AppStore for US Players

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    The Drowning was to soft launch first on the NZ AppStore in April, and it is now available on the US AppStore as well. You will be willing to try this game, because it's developed by a team which has taken part in developing Halo, Battlefield and Farcry. Speaking of The Drowning's gameplay, TouchArcade regards it as the best and brilliant control scheme they've ever used on i... Read More »

  • Tencent's New iOS Game Hits 1 Million Downloads in First Day

    Yesterday Chinese giant Tencent released the V5.0 of messaging app - WeChat (Known as WeiXin in China). At the same time, Tencent finally brought the first game - named Tian Tian Ai Xiao Chu (Which means We Love Erasing Everyday). It's the first iOS game for WeChat, and it hits 1 million downloads in one day. Tian Tian Ai Xiao Chu adopts the concept of a three-in-a-row game, ... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week

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    'Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week' is a weekly column article that aims to recommend you the latest and high quality mobile games worth having a try. This article will introduce you different genres of new mobile games ranging from MMOs of shining graphics to the most popular casual games, and there will always be one that you're interested. Released Games: Puddle | G... Read More »

  • Clash of Clans 1 Year Anniversary & Kingdom Rush Free Codes

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    Here are 2 good news, first one is about the popular Clash of Clans. To celebrate the first birthday of CoC, players can now boost all your resource collectors for ONE WEEK for only ONE GEM each until August 9th (via Supercell Official Forum), hurry up! The second news is about the classic tower defense Kingdom Rush. IGN is now giving away free activation codes for this ga... Read More »

  • Neon Shadow: Defeat Enemies with Partner Using One Device

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    Have you played a shooter game which needs two gamers to play using one device? You may haven't I suppose. But now, a creative game that allows two players to team up to sweep out a variety of mechanical enemies on the same screen, titled Neon Shadow, is about to be brought to us by Crescent Moon and Tasty Poison. Let's watch the latest trailer showcasing the split screen co-op on the i... Read More »

  • Infinity Blade 3 May Come in the Near Future

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    Last month, Donald Mustard, Co-founder of ChAIR Studio, announced that they finally decided to give up developing Infinity Blade: Dungeons, which made a lot of Infinity Blade fans disappointed. But do you remember the other announcement Mustard made? That was ChAIR would bring us more Infinity Blade games in the future, and this announcement is real. According to LinkedIn's explan... Read More »

  • Simogo is about to Release a New Game - DEVICE 6 This Year

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    Simogo is a small game studio but having rich creative ideas. They keeps on bringing excellent works to us, such as the Bumpy Road, Beat Sneak Bandit and the Year Walk, all of them have left us deep impressions. Now Simogo is working on a new project named DEVICE 6, which is expected to be released this year. DEVICE 6 is also a puzzle game based on text and map, the gam... Read More »

  • Ancient Battle: Rome is Expected to be Released in August

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    Ancient Battle: Rome is a unique game system designed by a team including a winner of the Ancients competition at the World Wargaming Championships. Designed from the ground up to give a unique wargaming experience on iPhone and iPad. Players can use Roman legionaries, elephants, catapults, heavy and light cavalry, archers, slingers, fanatics, chariots and many more unit types to engage... Read More »

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