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  • Com2us Announces Record 2016 Financial Results

    Com2us announced its 2016 financial results, beating expectations with a record breaking 515 billion KRW in sales.   The company recorded 515 billion KRW in sales, 193 billion KRW in operating profit, and 150 billion KRW in net profit, setting new records across all categories.   These result generated Com2us' highest sales, operating profit, net profit ever, reflecting growths... Read More »

  • First Impression of Mitra Sphere [Download File Attached]

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    Hey Guys! So Mitra sphere has entered the closed beta test and here is a look into the various aspects of the game.  MITRA SPHERE. Mitra sphere is an Action Role Playing game (ARPG) which features a simple but fun style of playing.  The game is expected to launch officially in Spring and will be a game that is looked forward to.  Pre-registrations for the game are also open ... Read More »

  • Open World Mobile MMORPG Aden Is Launching on iOS in South Korea Soon

    ITS Games announced the mobile MMORPG Aden's iOS version will soon be released soon. The game has officially launched the Android version in Store Korea earlier this month.  Aden aims at PC MMO gamers and provides open world exploration and combat. It features character transformations, open world boss battles, and contents involve both PvE and PvP. The unique feature i... Read More »

  • Mobile Tank Battle Game: Clash of Panzer (JP) Kicks off Pre-registration

    In Tokyo Game Show 2016, DMM announced that Clash of Panzer will be available for mobile devices in Spring 2017. Set in WW2, Clash of Panzer is a 3D strategic game, allowing players to control different girls to conquer the world. More than 50 kinds of tank will be available for players to choose from. If you’re a fan of tank, please visit the official page for more details. Read More »

  • China’s Overwatch Ripoff Mobile Game Looks Terrible

    Month ago, we reported that Chinese clone,Legend of Titan, a mobile game that totally mimics Overwatch in terms of playstyle and character abilities and it also shows how influential China ripoff games are. Today, we find another copycat called King of Legions (王者军团 in Chinese) will kick of second beta test tomorrow.   According to the developer team, the project started in October ... Read More »

  • ​Nexon Announces Action Mobile RPG CrushMon for Global Market

    Nexon has announced new mobile action RPG CrushMon will be launched worldwide later this year. The anime style hack 'n' slash game is currently in soft-launch phase in Canada, Malaysia, Netherlands and Philippines, but players around the world can now pre-register for the game at the official site.     CrushMon brings players into Sky Island, a peaceful sanctuary... Read More »

  • Lineage M - Watch the First Trailer of the Forthcoming Mobile MMORPG

    Lineage M is the classic Lineage MMORPG on mobile platform, and the game aims at audiences who missed the hardcore grinding experience and want to have it on their mobile devices. NCsoft claims that Lineage M isn't like the other Lineage mobile games (Lineage Red Knights and Lineage 2 Revolution), and the game isn't mobile game but PC MMO experience on mobile platform. The developer h... Read More »

  • Taichi Panda 3 Is an Open World Mobile MMORPG Created by New Engine

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    Snail Games' Taichi Panda series is going to have the 3rd game, and that's something you don't see very often in mobile market. Created with Flexi 3 engine, Taichi Panda 3 provides players a large open world with enhanced visuals compared with previous Taichi Panda games.   Players can hunt and tame about 1000 different mounts, fight world bosses which can also be captured a... Read More »

  • Captain Tsubasa Mobile is Heading to West

    KLab Inc., the developer behind LoveLive, announced today that they’re currently developing a new smartphone game application based on Captain Tsubasa.   The new game features the familiar special moves that play such an integral role in the world of Captain Tsubasa, as well as famous scenes that allow players to relive their favorite storylines all over again. The game is slat... Read More »

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