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  • Clash Royale:The Electrifying Dart Goblin Deck for Arena 9 [Legendary]

    Alright what's up everyone, today I will be making a deck guide on my new favorite decks, the Electrifying Dart Digger. Before we get into this, I am sorry I could not post any decks or strategies since my first one, the GY guide, because of school and stuff. I saw a comment on a post about how people who write strategy guides, get leggie flairs, and then dip, and I thought that it could re... Read More »

  • Dragon Blaze's Latest Update Adds Titans

    The Titans have joined the fray. Dragon Blaze’s latest update has included the formidable Titans to aid players. Titans are the newest category of allies that players can deify using certain material heroes. Accompanying the Titans are a new type of essence called Titan essence.   Striking Atlas: The seemingly simple and exuberant young girl Atlas is actually one of the ... Read More »

  • Ragnarok Mobile First Job Change Guide [Swordsman/Archer/Thief /Mage/ Acolyte]

      RAGNAROK MOBILE is currently in Closed Beta Test in China. Although playing a game in Chinese is difficult for someone who know nothing about the language, the game itself is fun and very easy to play. You will also be able to find a lot of players whom you can interact in English.   Before continuing in this guide, I suggest that first try to understand the basic stuff and fe... Read More »

  • Gathering Sky: Soaring Through an Emotional Adventure is Now Out on iPhone

    Gathering Sky is a meditative, experiential adventure about guiding a flock of birds across the sky. The game is now out on iPhone.   Players will start with a single bird high above the ground. Guide the bird through the sky with your touch or a mouse, exploring the world and finding other birds to join you. Your flock grows as you travel across the beautiful skies of a far-o... Read More »

  • MU Origin (KR) Prepares a New Character Class

    MU Origin Korean version's forthcoming update includes a new character class Summoner, along with other new contents. Except for Summoner is accompanied by a battle companion, we don't know too much about her. Players can create a Summoner only if they have at least an existing character. There's a new PvP mode called "Land of Struggle" in Korea. Android users in Kore... Read More »

  • Rogue Life: Squad Goals' Game Modes

    OnPlay 0

    There are several game modes that you can join and win for great prizes. Even you lose the modes, small token of gifts can be yours too! Here are the things you need to accomplish while playing Rogue Life: Squad Goals: Quests: Complete given tasks of your squad in order to gain reward. Tasks could be a problem pulling the wagon, rescue soldiers from being lost or being attack by monsters, he... Read More »

  • Flyff Legacy Launches in Korea on January 12th

    Korean company ABYSS has revealed that Flyff Legacy, the mobile version of PC MMORPG Flyff will launches in South Korea on January 12th. According to previous report, the game will launch globally in December 2016. However, the game is still in beta and can be downloaded at GooglePlay here. Flyff Legacy has 4 playable classes like the PC version: Magician, Assist, Mercenary... Read More »

  • All You Need To Know Before Playing Ragnarok Mobile (Beginner Guide)

    Ragnarok Mobile is the mobile 3D version of the beloved Ragnarok Online , A vibrant, magnificent and memorable game that I first played and tested way back in 2002. More than the name, The old and new game is much alike but with Ragnarok Mobile adding new and fun features to the game. Unlike the other Ragnarok Games like the RO Legend of the Second, although in 3D, RO... Read More »

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