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  • Legacy of Discord celebrates its one-year anniversary with a wealth of updates

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    The first anniversary is expected to be a watershed moment for every mobile game, and the most popular ARPG mobile game Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is celebrating such a moment. Starting October 20, Legacy of Discord kicks off its anniversary celebration with many sorts of treats, including Last Guardian Mode, an upgraded Metamorph System and the exclusive Furious Wing.   ... Read More »

  • Some Clash of Clans Guides You Should Know

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    In Clash of Clans, what speed up your progress? there are some top free game guides that can be helpful. How to win the battle in the game? Read the following contents for more details. The Wall Breaker Elixir Bank Did you think your Barracks was just for training troops? Wrong. If you hadn't noticed yet, you can queue a large number of troops to train, even when you aren't online. W... Read More »

  • Mobile MMORPG Era of Arcania Entered Closed Beta

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    The highly anticipated mobile game, Era of Arcania, has already entered Closed Beta, inching ever closer to its imminent debut. The MMORPG from 37Games will combine stunning graphics with a number of unique social & combat elements to create a truly immersive experience for players. The Closed Beta begins today on Android devices.     Customization in EoA will go beyond the 5 ... Read More »

  • Casual Mobile Game Battle Royale of Balls Now Available on iOS and Android

    Battle Royale of Balls is a casual e-sport mobile game. Only need a finger “poke,poke,poke” and you can play it casually. In the story of “Battle Royale of Balls”, player becomes a challenger in spaceship. Since spaceship enters wormhole by mistake and faces the danger of disintegration, player can choose single battle or two-player battle and enter different rooms to st... Read More »

  • Watch the First Gameplay Trailer of Next-Gen Strategy MMO Project EX

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    South Korean game developer and publisher Barunson E&A debuted a new Unreal Engine 4 based strategy mobile MMO called Project EX. The brilliant graphics, a massive world, large scale strategic battles, and RPG elements are what they game sell for. You can watch the English trailer below to see how the gameplay looks like.     The game is developed by NX Games, a studio that just... Read More »

  • Battle Storm Is an Adult Action Mobile RPG from the Developer of HIT

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    Nexon has announced to obtain the publishing rights for upcoming 2D action mobile game Battle Storm (also known as Project B). The game is developed by NTWO Studio, the maker of Unreal Engine 4 mobile title HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) Battle Storm is for adult players as the game features super seductive characters which can remind you of the original, unmodified version of Blade &... Read More »

  • ArchLord to Resurrect on Mobile as ArchLord Awake

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    Webzen has just released a trailer, announcing the return of ArchLord. The original ArchLord MMO was developed by NHN and published by Webzen on PC. The PC version was released in the west in 2006 and shut down in 2014. Soon the game will resurrect on mobile platform as ArchLord Awake.     The mobile version brings back the monarch system with some twists and allows players to becom... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Begins Global Version Pre-registration Starts

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    Gamevil has started the pre-registration for ArcheAge Begins which will release worldwide on October 25. You can click this link to jump to the page to pre-register the game for rewards including 500 gems, 150,000 gold, 100 stamina and 50 universal pieces. You can get additional rewards by registering through Google Play store.   ArcheAge Begins is a mobile MORPG produced by GAMEVIL an... Read More »

  • WarReign: Smilegate to Publish COC-style Mobile Game in Global Market

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    WarReign is a new fantasy strategy mobile game developed by Red Sahara Studio and published by Smilegate. On September 26, the game announced to start the pre-registration for the global launch scheduled for late October. If you like Clash of Clans, you may want to give this game a try. You can watch the trailer below to see the gameplay. The game has 3 races to choose from: Humans, Elves a... Read More »

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