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  • Lineage 2 Revolution Beginners Guide

    LINEAGE 2 REVOLUTION is the Mobile version of the popular MMORPG with the same name. The game uses 3D Graphics with an isometric view with tab targeting system. If you are familiar with DIABLO game and MU then you should also be familiar with this game. Finally the English version of the popular game in Korea and one of the most anticipated mobile mmorpg game is here! Please click on the gu... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution Installation Guide

      LINEAGE 2 REVOLUTION release starts today on selected countries. The game client pre-download was started on the same day just 3 hours before the official release time.    Photo taken from Lineage2 revolution Facebook Page. ~GAME CLIENT DOWNLOAD~ Please remember that this is a MOBILE MMORPG, so you can only play it on your mobile devices right?...WRONG! Please do... Read More »

  • The Best Overwatch RIP-OFF So Far

    We all know about Overwatch's huge success, so it's only natural that there are and will be other gaming companies which will try to imitate it and opt to profit from Overwatch's fame. And no, I'm not referring to games such as Paladins and Battleborn who just belong to the same genre, but they are actually quite different from Overwatch.  I'm talking about some cheap ... Read More »

  • SINoALICE Review: A Mobile RPG From Nier Automata Director

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    SINoALICE. Nier: Automata, a game that created much excitement and lived up to  this year. It has definitely been one of the most anticipated games that was launched this year. And guess what? It gets better. Square Enix in association with Pokelabo has developed and published the mobile fantasy RPG SinoAlice. With the game coming from the same developers as that of Nier: Automata it... Read More »

  • Bethesda Announces New Expansion and Mobile Support for Elder Scrolls Legends

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    After major announcements like Doom and Fallout VR, Bethesda shifted gears to The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The company is bringing the free-to-play card game Elder Scrolls Legends to iPhone and Android phones. Additionally, a new Skyrim expansion is coming to the title this June. The new expansion Heroes of Skyrim update is launching on June 29, adding 150 new cards to the game that intr... Read More »

  • Konami's Classic Shooter Contra Gets a Reboot on Mobile Platform

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    The 1987 run and gun action game Contra (named Gryzor in EU) is a milestone in arcade game history. Chinese developer Tencent Games and Konami has recently reboot the game on mobile platform and added online co-op play to the game.   In addition to the classic elements like the side view, waves of enemies, rains of bullets, and the iconic characters Bill and Lance, the mobile version ... Read More »

  • Dark Avenger 3 Launches on July 27 in Korea; Global Launch Comes Later

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    Nexon Korea and Boolean Games have announced their mobile action RPG Dark Avenger 3 will be arriving to iOS and Google Play in Korea on July 27. With 14 different languages support, the game will enter the global market later this year. However, Nexon hasn’t revealed the global launch date yet.   Dark Avenger 3 is the latest mobile game of Dark Avenger series. Comparing to t... Read More »

  • Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir Announced for Mobile Devices

    Koei Tecmo's console franchise Atelier will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year. Today the Japanese company and NHN PlayArt announces to develop Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir for iOS and Android systems and they plan to release the game in winter 2017 in Japan.  Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir is an RPG optimized for mobile control and co-op play and... Read More »

  • Dragon Quest Rivals’ Mechanics Look Very Similar to Hearthstone's

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    Dragon Quest Rivals is Square Enix’s latest competitive mobile card game that players can enjoy turn-based battles with the iconic characters and monsters in the DQ series. Recently Japanese media revealed more details about this game, and the mechanics is quite similar to Hearthstone. Firstly, both games have the same basics in place: there are 30 cards you need to use to build a dec... Read More »

  • Strategy RPG Age of Warriors: Dragon Discord Launches on Mobile

    Hour Games announces today to launch the western-style mobile RPG Age of Warriors - Dragon Discord on iOS and Android platforms. The game features real-time combat that involves deep pre-battle strategies. The positions of your heroes and the skill collocations make the difference of win and loss. With good pre-battle strategies you can defeat enemies much stronger than you.  Yo... Read More »

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