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  • Mobile MOBA Planet of Heroes Now Out on App Store

    Developer Fast Forward Studios and global publisher My.com  announced Planet of Heroes is now released on the iOS platform. The game offers the most consistent MOBA PvP experience designed for play on the go. Planet of Heroes features a full story campaign, dozens of unique heroes with powerful abilities, a clever and easy to use hero enchantment system, and a huge diversity in skins f... Read More »

  • Dragon Blaze Update Adds Fearsome Gigantes

    The gods of war are not to be trifled with. Dragon Blaze’s latest update features the powerful Gigantes. The update builds on the most recent one with the Titans; Gigantes Atlas and Gigantes Tethys will be creatable once a player obtains the necessary materials. Other features include new quests and an ally cap increase; players will be able to now have up to 140 allies at a time. ... Read More »

  • Licensed Ark: Survival Evolved Inspired AR Mobile Game Debuts

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    Snail Games is planning to continue to make use of the Ark: Survival Evolved franchise. They are operating free-to-play Ark: Survival Evolved Online for Asian market, and they have announced PixArk, and now they are making an augmented reality mobile game using the Ark IP.   Since it doesn't have an official English name, I call this AR mobile game Ark Go. Player can catch and tam... Read More »

  • Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes Will Release for iOS and Android in February

    Nintendo finally announced the release date for its second mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. You will be able to play the most classic Nintendo IP on your Android and iOS devices on February 2, 2017 (iOS release date was confirmed after the announcement of Android release date). Same as Super Mario Run, the game will be free to download, with in-app purchases. In Fire Emblem Heroes you'... Read More »

  • Super Mario Run Will be Available for Android Users in March

    Weeks ago, the pre-registration event went live for Super Mario Run on Google Play. And today Nintendo announced on Twitter that Super Mario Run will be available for Android in March 2017. But there is no specific release date yet. Which translates, roughly, into: "The Android version of “Super Mario Run” will be delivered in March 2017. Currently, Google Play is accep... Read More »

  • Ragnarok Mobile Kicks off Pre-OBT Test! (Download Guide Attached)

    Ragnarok Mobile is scheduled to kick off pre-obt test on January 19. To my surprise, Xindong just launched the client for Android users yesterday without official announcement. And today the game is officially released on China App Store. Check the download guide below:   For Android Users (Credit to ProtosX) Step 1: Please CLICK HERE or use this link below t... Read More »

  • Unreal Engine 4 Action RPG Heroes Genesis Launches in Korea

    Heroes Genesis is one of the most anticipated mobile action RPGs of 2017 and the Unreal Engine 4 title has just launched on Android platform in South Korea. Watch the launch trailer below and read on to learn more about the game. . Heroes Genesis is developed by Studio G9 and it allows 3 players to team up for adventure. The game-defined features includes ground-breakin... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Elite Barb Counter Deck (No Epics or Legendaries)

    Hello, if you're tired of the elite barb meta this deck can counter elite barbs incredibly easily. This deck does require a fair amount of skill to use. Deck   Ice Golem (can use Guards also) Fire Spirits Valkyrie Zap Elite Barbarians  Tombstone Musketeer Hog Rider Strategy The whole point of the deck is to use the tombstone and Ice golem to lure the opponent's ru... Read More »

  • SNK Announced KOF Mobile MMO The King of The Fighters: World

    SNK announced has just announced The King of Fighters mobile MMORPG dubbed The King of The Fighters: World, which will be a persistent online RPG for iOS and Android system. The game will be released in China first in Summer 2017. Being the first MMO in the franchise, The King of The Fighters: World allows players to freely explore the universe of the KOF series. However, it seems that pl... Read More »

  • Clash Royale Unveils Chinese Princess Poster; Is She Exclusive to China’s Market

    Just like Christmas in western countries, Spring festival (1.28 - 2.3) is the biggest festival in China. It’s also the season for game developers. As it is known to all, Supercell was acquired by Tencent in June 2016. So I’m not surprised when I saw a spring festival themed poster for Clash Royale. However, there is a hidden character in the poster says we will see a Chinese princess i... Read More »

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