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  • Vainglory Beginner's Guide: Everything you Need to Know is Here

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    Vainglory has officially launched on Android and iOS on July 2. As a brand-new MOBA title for mobile devices, Vainglory reached the mark of 1.5 million monthly active users in May. Many people may not be familiar with MOBA in mobile platform, but Vainglory delivers an unforgettable MOBA experience for touch. If you’re looking for a better understanding of what Vainglory is, this beginner... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy Adventure Is Going to Reborn on Mobile Platform

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    Square Enix recently held the event to announce the cooperation between Final Fantasy Adventure and popular mobile title Rise of Mana. But at the end of the event’s teaser trailer, we found a message with a Final Fantasy Adventure logo and a sentence that reads "production confirmed". Does that mean the 1991 GBA title will reborn on mobile platform?  Final Fantasy A... Read More »

  • 11 Tips for Vainglory Newbies

    Vainglory has been be officially launched worldwide both on iOS and Android. Believe many players have been already impatient. The game is a traditional MOBA that has similar gameplay with Dota 2 and LoL. So, you final goal is still to destroy enemy’s Vain Crystal. But during the battle, you may encounter some troubles. So, today, I summarized some tips that I found during the battle. Ho... Read More »

  • Korean Action RPG Angel Stone Kicks Off Beta Testing

    Korean mobile developer FINCON has begun Beta Testing for their upcoming action RPG Angle Stone, which will be officially released in the summer, 2015. Now, interested players can still apply for the beta on the official site. Angel Stone is a hack-and-slash action RPG that places you in control of The Resistance humanity's last line of defense against the demonic Legion. Players wi... Read More »

  • Mojang's Card Game Scrolls Won't Have Update Any More

    Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, today announced that they will stop updating Scrolls, a card game was just released at the end of last year on PC and Android. The reason is they are lack of funds to support the follow-up development.  Scrolls was revealed in 2011 and came to beta in June, 2013, was officially released at the end of last year. It spanned a longer period of time.... Read More »

  • Vainglory Core Gameplay Insight

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    The core gameplay of Vainglory has been concluded. Today, it is great to share with you the core gameplay details. The core gameplay of MOBA-esque game lies in separating players into two opponent factions in one map. Players only need to control the hero they selected to confront with the other faction in wild area and destroy the enemy Vain crystal and claim glory. Each match only lasts f... Read More »

  • Minecraft: Story Mode Debuting at Minecon on July 4

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    Developed Telltale Games, MineCraft’s new derivative game MineCraft: Story Mode will debut at Minecon on July 4 in Unite Kindom. Last year, Telltale Games has announced the story-driven Minecraft game. But the announcement wasn't especially detailed. All we know so far are that: Minecraft: Story Mode will be a narrative-driven video game created by Telltale Games. It will ... Read More »