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  • Popular Theories About How to Evolve Eevee in Pokemon Go

    Aaron 0

    when it comes to Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Go, that exception has a name: Eevee. She can actually evolve into multiple forms: Flareon (fire), Jolteon (electric) and Vaporeon (water), but there is a way to determine how to evolve Eevee into one of them specifically. There is a Reddit thread that has been testing different theories about Eevee since Pokemon GO launched. And so far, their data... Read More »

  • Take a Sneak Peak at Destiny Child's Actual Combat Gameplay

    Wei 0

    Destiny Child is a mobile RPG developed by ex-Blade & Soul artist Kim Hyung Tae and his Shift Up Studios. The game is going to start closed beta in South Korea next month. Now you can take a sneak peak at how the actual game is like, courtesy of Korean media inven.   The game's biggest attraction is the character and art style that makes Blade & Soul popular. The other gamepla... Read More »

  • Chinajoy 2016: 6 Best Ported Mobile Games You Should Keep an Eye On

    Aaron 0

    Chinajoy 2016 is just around the corner, and many Chinese leading game companies starts to tease their promising title for this biggest game event in China. This year we find there is a trending that more and more famous PC titles have been ported to mobile devices, providing you PC-so today we round up 6 best ported mobile games you should keep an eye on at Chinajoy 2016. Demon Seals De... Read More »

  • SBK16 Invites Mobile Gamers To Join Elite Racers

    Dacey 0

    Italian Developer Digital Tales today announced it has launched SBK16 Official Mobile Game, the official game of the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship, for smartphones and tablets on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. SBK16 is equipped with elite new features and a radically fair new free-to-play value proposition: prove your skill in the new Test Ride mode and you can p... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Easy Win Arena 8 Deck With Giant + Sparky

    Hey Clash Royale fans, today I am going to share an unstoppable Giant + Sparky deck with you guys. This deck works pretty well in Arena 8 and successfully helps me climb to Arena 9.   My Deck The 6-elixir Sparky will make us vulnerable on defence after putting it down so I add Elixir Collector in the deck.   On Offense Giant + Sparky + Mini PEKKA   On Defence Ice Wizard +... Read More »

  • This Japanese VR Dating Game Wants to Replace Your Real World Girl Friend

    CyberAgent, a Japan-based mobile game publisher and developer, announced that their latest mobile dating game Alternative Girls which supports VR mode is now out for both iOS and Android users in Japan. Players will be a teacher, working in a women’s college. There will be 13 girls and each of them represents for different weapons. Besides the normal battle system, the clothes-chang... Read More »

  • Tired of Regular Dungeon Crawler? Guild of Dungeoneering Allows You to Build One

    Aaron 0

    Independent publisher Versus Evil has just released their new card based role-playing RPG Guild of Dungeoneering for iOS and Android. The early adopters price is $3.99, and if you purchase the game now, you will get all future updates for free. Versus Evil has so far published two games that you may familiar with: The Banner Saga and Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run, but this time, the Versus E... Read More »

  • Kick9 to Showcase Puzzle Monster Quest Trailer & Screenshots at Comic-Con

    emma 0

    Kick9's Chris Castagnetto will be at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow to share the trailer, screenshots, and more info on their new title, PUZZLE MONSTER QUEST. Puzzle Monster Quest is a puzzle/RPG hybrid on its way to Android and iOS. Match tiles of the same color to navigate your hero through treacherous dungeons filled with monsters lurking in every corner. Each matching tile near an ene... Read More »

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