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  • Project Caravan: a Cross-Platform MMORPG for JRPG Fans

    Aiming, Tokyo-based game developer, announced that a new cross-platform MMORPG called Project Caravan will be available for PC and Mobile, using the same sever. Players can expect to log in the game with the same account no matter playing indoors or outdoors.   According to the official announcement, there will have a 500 square meter map for players to explore. Besides harbor city and ... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: The Most OP Double Prince + Pekka Deck after August Update

    Hey guys, today I am going to share the most OP deck which will be alive after the August update. As we reported before Dark Prince, Prince and Pekka will get a buff in the upcoming update, so I think it’s the time that we bring back Double Prince + Pekka deck. Note  Dark Prince: Damage increased by 7.5% Prince: Damage increased by 2% P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 5% Miner: Depl... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: A New Off-Meta Pure Siege Invention for X-Bowler Deck

    Hey guys, today we have Bellator_Gaius here to share his new off-meta pure siege invention: X-Bowler deck with us. This deck uses two unconventional cards, X-Bow and Bowler, and managed to hit into the Top 4 of SMC. DECK STRUCTURE   SLOT [1]: X-Bow   This slot is the [win-condition] slot, and in many cases the only win-condition in this deck. You are relying on X-Bow to shoot... Read More »

  • Pokémon GO - a New Update Adds Appraisal System

    Pokémon GO is currently in the process of being updated to version 0.35.0 on Android and 1.5.0 on iOS devices. The highlight feature of this update is the addition of the Pokémon appraisal system. This new feature allows players to call upon their leaders (Candela, Blanche and Spark) in order to give them hints about the attack and defense capabilities of their Pokémo... Read More »

  • Clash Royal August Update Will Nerf Royal Giant and Zap, but Buff Golem

    Hey guys, today we are going to talk about the brand new balance change coming to Clash Royale. The update will be available on August 24. It seems that most of the current meta decks like Giant/Poison/Mini Pekka Decks remain untouched. Let’s take a look at the new balance change.     Royal Giant: Hit Speed decreased to 1.7sec (from 1.5sec) Zap: Stun Duration decreased to 0.5... Read More »

  • Pokemon Rework: A New Chinese Pokemon Go Clone, Looks Not Bad!

    Hey guys, do you remember a month ago we reported a cloned mobile game called City Spirit Go topped China’s app chart because Pokemon Go is not available in China? It seems that Chinese are obsessed with Pokemon so they developed another knockoff named Pokemon Rework. The core of playing Pokemon games lies in capturing, breeding and fighting. This game satisfies all the needs. You can chec... Read More »

  • NetEase Reveals Eternal Frontier, a Beautiful Open World Mobile RPG Shooter

    Aaron 0

    At the "NetEase 5.20 press conference", NetEase revealed a new title Project S7 which attracted much attention. Today the official name of the game has been unveiled - Eternal Frontier. Operatively developed by NetEase F studio and its San Francisco studio, Eternal Frontier is a brand new open world mobile RPG shooter features beautiful graphics. The first beta of the game will kick ... Read More »

  • 5 Recommended Space Exploration Mobile Games Like No Man’s Sky

    No Man’s Sky, a space exploration game from Hello Games, is one of the most talked about games in social media and it turns to be Steam’s most successful launch of the year. In the meanwhile, the game has received wildly different receptions from gamers and media. Critics have similarly been divided, praising the wide exploration while bemoaning its tedious crafting and monotony. &nbs... Read More »

  • Martial Arts Mobile MMORPG Age of Wushu 3D Unveiled a Flying Skill Video

    Snail Games' latest title Age of Wushu 3D unveiled a gameplay video teasing flying skill via official website. The flying skill is always one of the most well-acclaimed game features. With the second gernaration of self-developed Flexi engine, Age of Wushu 3D could perform many flying skill effect. This engine could reinforce the interaction between flying skill and enviornment. ... Read More »

  • Narrative CCG Destiny Child(KR) Unveiled Combat Trailer

    Before the narrative collectable card game Destiny Child starts closed beta test, Next Floor unveils a new trailer showcasing the in-game combat system today. This trailer lays stress on showcasing the core system combat contents. It teased closed beta testers via combat's core elements and skill selection. In Destiny Child's combat, players are available to choose from at most 5 ch... Read More »

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