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  • Moonlight Blade MMORPG Will Have A Minecraft Style Mobile Version

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    Tencent Games just hinted they were working on Moonlight Blade's mobile version and it's going to be a voxel-based game that's similar to Minecraft. The game's Producer Yu Haipeng stressed that the gameplay between the mobile version and the MMORPG version will be totally different to but there will be some cross-platform play.     There's no specific detail ... Read More »

  • Mojang Announced New Game Minecraft: Story Mode, Featuring An Original Story

    Early today, Mojang announced an all-new narrative-driven game Minecraft: Story Mode with Telltale Games, who has just released Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones recently. The new work will be a new episodic game series based on Mojang's popular video game Minecraft and will feature an original story, driven by player choice. The game will premiere in 2015 on consoles, compute... Read More »

  • New Strategy Card Game To Be A Hunter! Announced for Mobile Devices

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    Korean developer efun recently announced a new mobile strategy card game named To Be A Hunter! (헌터나되볼까!). In the game, players will act as a hunter to use at most 3 Hero cards to do card battles. It is reported that To Be A Hunter will utilize the Euramerican style of graphic. The gameplay is easy to learn that focuses on the battle system. The gam provides 5 types of Heroic roles in the ga... Read More »

  • Mobile Simulation RPG 'Gundam Spirits' Got its First Gameplay Trailer

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    Gundam Spirits is an Anime based mobile simulation RPG announced by Bandai in TGS 2014. All Gundam in the Anime will appear in the game. Players should consider the characteristic of each Gundam and build your special Gundam team to participate in the turn-based battles.  The story of the game will utilize the plots of Gundam Animes. The battlefield is not fixed. As the video showe... Read More »

  • The Witcher Battle Arena, a Fast-pased Mobile MOBA, Now Soft-Launches in Canada

    After a long waiting time, CD PROJEKT RED’s first mobile MOBA The Witcher Battle Arena is finally landed on mobile platforms, though this time it is just soft-launched. The game is based on the critically-acclaimed Witcher series of video games and features the MOBA gameplay with RPG-style player profile and hero progression. Interested players now can login Canada or Sweden App Store to... Read More »

  • [Boom Beach]Dec 17, 2014 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    Hello! Dr.Terror is coming,so cc is coming too. I will share my video guide like last week. I try to use least power and population in the videos,because Iwanna make guide more helpful for more. If you get any trouble,you could write down your problems in comments.I will reply as soon as possible. My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-^, we can be friends. If you like ... Read More »

  • 2P's Top 10 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2015

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    The year of 2014 is reaching its end. In this year, we welcomed a lot of awesome mobile games, such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the iOS and Android version of Hearthstone, Vainglory, etc. These games brought us a wonderful and fruitful year. Of course, the over of 2014 doesn’t mean the finality of mobile gaming. We can still get many high quality mobile games in 2015. Check out the lis... Read More »

  • FlyFF Allstars, a New RPG Based on FlyFF Online, Now Starts the Pre-signup Event

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    Developed by Gala Lab, FlyFF Allstars is a mobile 3D action RPG based on the famous MMORPG FlyFF online IP. The game inherits the characters in the original work while adding something creative. It can be regarded as the mobile version of Flyff Online. FlyFF Allstars will be launched on both iOS and Android platforms in mid-December 2014. Right now, the pre-signup event is on so Do not mi... Read More »