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  • Ourpalm and Ubisoft Announce New Assassin's Creed Mobile MMORPG

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    The Global Mobile Internet Conference (known as GMIC) kicked off in Beijing on April 28. During the conference, Ourpalm Mobile teamed up the Ubisoft to bring a brand new Assassin's Creed mobile game to China. Ourpalm and Ubisoft have a standing working relationship thanks to the success of The Hungry Shark, so there is no surprise on their cooperation of Assassin's Creed mobile. ... Read More »

  • Clash Royale Live Spectate and TV Royale Changes Aim For More eSports Supports

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    Following the card balance tweak, Supercell keeps teasing new features from the upcoming Clash Royale patch, which is scheduled to be released on May 3. Firstly the highly-anticipated Live Spectate will be added to client, allowing players to watch others fight in real-time rather than only the replays. The UI of Live Spectate looks exactly like what you saw at the recent Helsinki tournament. ... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Deck for New Players to Get Arena 4

    If you just start playing Clash Royale for a while, the following guide is highly recommended to help you get to Arena 4. In the early stage (Arena 1-2), I used the deck below, which gets me to 800 trophies when in level 2. Upgrading Goblins/Spear Goblins/Musketeer/Arrows is your best choices.(P.S. Counting from the first Silver Chest, the 12th chest must be Magical Chest. It’s reco... Read More »

  • Elsword Mobile Version Is Launching Worldwide in May 2016

    Elsword is a 2D side-scrolling action MMO from Korean developer KOG Studios. The game launched on PC in NA in 2011 and EU in 2013 and now it’s coming to the mobile platform. The mobile version, dubbed Elsword Evolution, is developed by Noah Ark Studio, licensed by KOG, and it will be released in NA, EU and other regions in May 2016.     At launch, Elsword Evolution features 3 pl... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: New Balance Upcoming, Damage Adjusts in May 3rd!

    Supercell will soon deploy a new update for Clash Royale where many popular cards will be nerfed, such as Mortars, Bomb Towers, Elixir Collectors, Cannon, etc. The update will go live on May 3rd. GG Mortar Deck   Mortar’s deployment time will be increased to 5sec from 3sec, and damage will be decreased by 10%. Currently, it is too powerful in low-to-mid Arenas for its offensive and... Read More »

  • Vainglory Update 1.17: Battle Royale Mode Debuts & New Skins Available Now

    Vainglory’s first new game mode since the title officially launched in July 2015, dubbed Battle Royale, is now live. Battle Royale matches last about 7-10 minutes, compared to Vainglory’s typical 20-minute match.Players will be able to public queue just as they would for ranked or casual matches, but Battle Royale will randomly assign them one hero from Vainglory’s entire ro... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Push to Arena 5 with This Budget Deck

    Most players at low levels are confused about how to chose battle deck for the lack of combat experience as well as unfamiliar with mechanism and cards. Therefore, I want to introduce you a useful battle deck to help you step into the right track. Basic Information 1. High DPS follow behind tank. 2. Hub Spam deck is hard to win when you encounter fast attackers. 3. When your opponents use ... Read More »

  • Pathfinder Adventure Mobile CCG is Now Available on iOS and Android Tablets

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    Obsidian and Paizo have announced that Pathfinder Adventures, the free-to-play digital version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, is out now for Apple iPad and Android tablets. Pathfinder Adventures translates the best-selling Pathfinder Adventure Card Game into an entirely new breed of digital card game, where players adventure cooperatively to battle monsters and villains, and acquire ne... Read More »

  • Clash Royale Best Arena 5 Decks Recommendation (1400-2000 Trophies)

    Getting to Arena 6 would be another difficulty many players would face so today I am going to present you guys some decks to use in Arena 5 in Clash Royale. Arena 5 - 6: Giant + Goblin Barrel Deck Key cards: Giant + Goblin Barrel The main strategy of this deck is to bait out your opponent's Arrows and then use the Giant + Goblin Barrel combo along with other remaining troops on bo... Read More »

  • Nexon Korea Rolls out New Content Update for 3 Mobile RPG Games

    Nexon Korea has recently unleashed major content update for three of their free-to-play mobile role-playing games: Medal Masters, Legion of Heroes, and Fantasy War Tactics. With more heroes, worlds and features, the RPG fans will definitely find more fun in these game. Now you can check out the update details below and download them on iOS and Android. Medal Masters The handy RP... Read More »

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