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  • [Exclusive] Dynasty Warriors Mobile Is Coming to IOS and Android

    Perfect World has announced that Dynasty Warriors Mobile will be available for hands-on preview at E3 2016. The new title will mark the mobile premiere for the popular Koei Tecmo franchise, and will translate and deliver the series’ characteristic dueling-warriors gameplay experience to a broader audience through an innovative and more accessible control system. The Dynasty Warriors fra... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: How to Pull/Lure/Aggro Units – Basic & Advanced Tips

    Playerers who often watch Clash Royale Tournament will find competitions between top 200 royales are fierce. In most cases, the battle will go down to the wire. The key lies in their defensive strategies which allow them to turn defeat into victory. The most important strategy is Chain Pull. The screenshots below are from friendly battles.   1. Royal Giant + Supporting troops My opponent... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: How to Unlock Ice Wizard or Other Legendary Cards

    Wondering how to unlock the Ice Wizard in Clash Royale? I know the official saying is you can get it from either all the kind of chests, either free chests or those cash chests but we know that the chance of opening the legendary cards is pretty low. Well, youtuber WP Gaming made a video on the way to unlock Ice Wizard and other legendaries and according to him, it's actually not random! ... Read More »

  • Niantic Released More Details and Gameplay of Pokemon Go

    Recently, The Pokemon Company and Niantic have dropped further details about the much-anticipated augmented reality game Pokemon Go.   The game will allow players train virtual Pokemon. With the help of location information provided by smartphones, players roam around in the real world, trying to capture the tiny creatures. More details about evolutionary crystals, gym battles, tr... Read More »

  • Snail Games: Pre-registration is Now Live for Mobile MMORPG Kingdom Warriors

    Snail Games will launch its new action-packed classic warfare mobile game Kingdom Warriors in June 7th. And the pre-registration is now live for the MMORPG game.   Based on historical Chinese Three Kingdoms period following the fall of the Han dynasty, Kingdom Warriors provides a perfect setting for waging bloody wars as rival factions fight for control. However, there are not many... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Weekly Recommended Decks for All Arena Tiers

    Greetings Clash Royale fans! It’s Friday and we’re going to share this week’s best Clash Royale decks and the strategies with you guys. Arena 1-4 Deck #1 The main strategy is to use Giant as the tanker and place Witch and other small troops behind him. Bomb Tower is used to defend and it normally will make some elixir advantages against your opponent. For full guide c... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Hog Rider Decks and Strategies for Arena 4-7 (Part 2)

    There is no doubt that Hog Rider is the most popular card in Arena 4-8. So today I am going to collect all the Hog Rider decks available for you. Hope one of the decks can help you to climb to higher arena. Tips: 1. Place Valkyrie to take out troops as soon as they cross the river 2. Skeleton + Poison + Cannon is effective enough to deal with Royale Giant 3. Valkyrie + Hog Rider + Musket... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: The Most Common Cards in Legendary Arena

    Ever wondered what are the most common cards in Arena 8 (legendary arena) in Clash Royale? Redditor Aacen did a nice research by taking a look at today's 48 different decks from TV Royale (24 different battles). Though it's not "official" result, still it is pretty accurate. Cards that have low occurrences may have a lower or higher usage rate. From the charts below, we can se... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Use This F2P Deck to Beat Level 6-7 Players in Arena 3-4

    These days, I always hear people complaining about the terrible matchmaking in Clash Royale. It seems that many beginners are stuck in Arena 3-4 for their level 6-7 opponents! Therefore, I am going to introduce a totally free-to-play deck to you guys. With this amazing deck, you will be able to beat those high level accounts. Card Analysis Spear Goblins and Skeletons are low elixir troops ... Read More »

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