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  • Weekly Specials (iOS): Horn is on Sale for The First Time Today

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    Horn was announced at Zynga 2012. Before being released, the 3D adventure game attracted a lots of players attentions. But, it was noiselessly launched on App Store by Phosphor Games at last and its price also scares away many players. To be honest, Horn is high quality game except the price. But today, the game is free for the limited time. Quickly catch the chance to download it! Except Horn... Read More »

  • Ubisoft Will Release Watch Dogs' Interactive App 'ctOS Mobile'

    Watch Dogs is an action adventure video game developed by Ubisoft. The game is set within a fictionalized, hyper-connected version of Chicago, Illinois, which is managed through a centralised system called ctOS. The system was originally founded for enhancing city traffic efficiency, protecting citizens, assisting to investigate cases and so on, but now was used for gaining personal profit by ... Read More »

  • 5 Ways to Use Boom Beach's Special Troop Warrior by Ting

    Ting is the number one Boom Beach player in the world. He is good at Warrior. Today I will show you 5 ways to use Warrior in the battle from him.  1. If you have enough level of Artillery and Barrage and your energy are more than 50, you can decide a way that direct to enemy' HQ in a battle and use Artillery and Barrage to destroy all buildings on this way and surro... Read More »

  • A First Look at PSO2-ish MMOARPG "Klee"

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    The cute anime style MMORPG for iPhone/iPad (Android version coming soon) I’ve mentioned before, called “Klee” (full name is “Klee(クレー)~月ノ雫舞う街より~” in Japanese) finally be launched formally on the AppStore. I just tried the game simply, below are some words of the game review. Character As you see characters in Klee are cute, so I suppose most girls will like this game. Not ... Read More »

  • Monument Valley Fan Arts

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    Since being released in April 3, Monument Valley attract a lot of players depends the unique decryption gameplay and the beautiful graphics which are full of optical illusion. As the design of the buildings and character is very simple in Monument Valley, so a lot of skillful fans of the game pick their brush and draw many related pictures. Now, let's take a sneak peek. Ps: I... Read More »

  • [April 16] Boom Beach Dr. Terror (Level 30) Stage 7 Guide

    Troops: Tank x2; Zooka x7; Heavy x3; Rileman x13 (Drawing fire) Attack Tool: Artillery; Flare; Medkit; Shock Bomb; Barrage Tips: 1. Be sure that you can destroy 2 Cannons and Flamethrower (Label 1) simultaneously by Artillery  2. Remember to destroy supplies buildings (Label 2, 3, 4), cuz we need more energy to use Shock Bomb to control the defences in Label 5, 6. 3... Read More »

  • DeNA Will Release Transformers-Themed Mobile Game Transformers Rising

    I believe you guys have watched Both Transformers cartoons and movies. But don't know whether you have played transformers themed games. In fact, DeNA has released a transformers themed mobile game Transformers Legends last year. And now, they will release new official licensed mobile game Transformers Rising again. As we know, the latest transformers movie, Transformers 4 Age of Extinction wil... Read More »

  • Puzzle & Dragons Z Tamer Battle To Be Released In the Summer of 2014

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    Marvelous AQL announced on April 15th that they would release the Kids’ Amusement Machine “Puzzle & Dragons Z Tamer Battle” based on GungHo Online Entertainment’s 3DS game Puzzle & Dragons Z this summer. Puzzle & Dragons Z Tamer Battle is set in Puzzle & Dragons Z’s world, except the large touch monitor, this card game machine also features a unique gameplay – “Z B... Read More »

  • Slide2P Picks for Android: Rovio Relased Rio 2 Based Stages for Angry Bird Rio

    I don't know if any of you watched Rio 2. I just watched it recently. It is really a funny animated movie, especially one of the plots that two Brazilian sliders successfully drive several people who plan to disafforest, and then one slider said to the other "Give me five". The plot makes me laugh until my stomach hurt. So, if you haven't watched the movie, go and see! Or, you can also play Ang... Read More »