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  • Sign Up For Nintendo's New Mobile App Miitomo Coming Out On February 17

    Nintendo's new Miitomo social app sign-up goes live February 17, and it looks to champion Nintendo's typical cute stylings. The app is based around conversations and question and answer-type activities which you can participate in with your friends. You can make a Mii avatar and they represent you in the game. Although the app itself won't release for Android and iOS until March, ... Read More »

  • Supercell's Card-Battling Game Clash Royale Will Launch Globally in March

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    Supercell's card-battling game Clash Royale has already soft-launched in a number of territories such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. Today the developer announces that it  will launch its fourth game globally for both iOS and Android in March. Clash Royale is a real-time player-versus-player game which stars characters from the Clash of Clans universe. Play... Read More »

  • Perfect World Reveals Future Plan for New Mobile RPG Final Fantasy Type-0 Online

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    At TGS 2015, Perfect World teamed up with Square Enix to announce a new mobile RPG named Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, and it was scheduled to launch on Windows PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone spring or summer 2016 in Japan. Now it looks like Chinese players will be available to put their hands on this game after Lunar New Year. According to 17173.com, action RPG Final Fantasy Type-0... Read More »

  • MOBA Style Tower Defense Game Breach: Arena TD Starts Beta Test

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    Last year, Puerto Rico-based developer Space Rhino Games released Breach TD which is based on Starcraft 2 mod Squad TD. The map's creator Tsjnsn is now working on a sequel named Breach: Arena TD, and this game has just launched a Closed Beta test for iOS recently. Unlike traditional tower defense games, Breach: Arena TD adds more popular game elements such as MOBA, strategy and RTS. ... Read More »

  • Machine Zone Spent $5M for the 30s Commercial on Mobile Strike at Super Bowl

    Machine Zone, well-known for their top grossing title, Game of War - Fire Age, once again spent heavy money in advertising its military strategy game for iOS and Android - Mobile Strike at Super Bowl. This time, they brought back actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the promotional trailer, featuring Schwarzenegger battling it out in the game while in an elevator with other Mobile Strike players. ... Read More »

  • StoneAge Mobile Will Take You Back to The Old But Fun Age

    Korean game corporation, Netmarble, has announced that the popuplar game StoneAge will get a mobile version very soon titled StoneAge Mobile (tentative name). StoneAge Mobile will be developed based on the original PC version of StoneAge and will adapt most systems into the mobile version. The new mobile game will almost have the same concept as its PC version, in addition with new conten... Read More »

  • Massive PvP Mobile Action MMORPG Soul Gauge Pre-registeration Lives Now

    Janpanese game company GameBank announced that Soul Gauge, the mobile MMORPG featuring massive PvP system, has now opened the registerations to players since February 5 on their official website. GameBank also released a promotion trailer of Soul Gauge, featuring the famous voice-over artist 大塚明夫 (@AkioOtsuka). In case you are not aware of Soul Gauge, it is a strategy mobile MMORPG that all... Read More »

  • Unreal Engine Action RPG Epic of Kings Launches on iOS & Andriod on Feb 18

    Dead Mage has recently announced the release of Epic of Kings, a mobile action adventure game made using Unreal Engine 4, for both iOS and Android platform on February 18. Players will wander through the torn lands of Khunirath, facing numerous challenges, in hope to unravel the mystery of Khunirath. Epic of Kings has a 1v1 combat system similar to that of Infinity Blade. Timing is the... Read More »

  • Feb 5-6, 2016 Dr.Terror Warriors Video Guide

    Team:Predator(50) Game ID:cclol^_^(my frieds list is full)Headquarters: lv21 Gunboat Energy: 104(boosted by an energy+17%+17%+40%+17%+17% statue) Warriors Amount: 64 Warriors Level: 19 Warriors HP: 1448(boosted by a HP+28% statue) Warriors DPS: 692(boosted by a attack+31%+12+13%statue) Artillery Damage: 5644 Flare: 30 seconds Medkit: 1000/7.5s Barrage Damage:11940 Shock Wave: 10 seconds... Read More »

  • Wakfu Raiders Added New Guild System Feature

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    The much-awaited Guild System will be updated in gumi's mobile role-playing game Wakfu Raiders, with the mobile spin-off of the famous Wakfu MMORPG. With the Guild System, players can now group up to 20 members to be in a guild, where they will accumulate Guild Level points to activate Guild buffs in-game*. The Guild System also includes a Mercenaries for Hire* feature where players send units to ... Read More »

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