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  • [Boom Beach]Aguest 19-20, 2014 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    Hello! Dr.Terror is coming,so cc is coming too. I will share my video guide like last week. I try to use least power and population in the videos,because Iwanna make guide more helpful for more. If you get any trouble,you could write down your problems in comments.I will reply as soon as possible. My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-^, we can be friends. If you like ... Read More »

  • The Last Breath of World Cup! EA Announced FIFA 15: Ultimate Team For Mobiles

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    Although World Cup has gone away for a month, fans’ passion for football hasn’t gone away. Just because of this, when EA announced FIFA 15: Ultimate Team in Gamescom 2014, people were so exciting. According to reports, unlike traditional FIFA games, the new sequel will be card game with SIM game elements. Aside from gameplay, the operation of the game also has some changes. ... Read More »

  • First Pokemon Mobile Game? The iPad Verison of Pokemon TCGO Exposed

    Speaking of Pokemon related games, you may think of 3DS, NDS, Wii and other Nintendo devices. But the situation seems to be broken. Recently, Josh Wittenteller, who is famous in Youtube, displayed a picture of PokeMon training cardgame online, which is in development for iPad, in his twitter. And then, developer Pokemon Company also confirmed the news. Unlike other Pokemon games, the iPad v... Read More »

  • Relics of Gods: Revolutionary Turnbased Tablet Game

    Sea Sun Entertainment featured the first time at Gamescom a commercial booth of a game that was developed by a Chinese Company; marking the beginning of what is to become a successful adventure in the high seas of the western mobile platforms market with the flagship being the revolutionary turn-based game for tablets and smartphones "Relic of Gods". >> More New MMOs, Consol... Read More »

  • Kingdom Rush New Sequel Announced, Will Be Released This Autumn

    Recently, Ironhide Studios announced Kingdom Rush new sequel is in development. In addition to that, they haven’t revealed much information of the sequel, even its name. But according to Ironhide, the game will bring the brand new game world, race and ancient evil to us. It can be said that the sequel has taken on an entirely new look. I think Kingdom Rush series’ quality is obv... Read More »

  • Boom Beach Revenge of the Magma Update Note

    Boom Beach started a new update for Version 17.104.1 and maintenance, magma Islands will be added into players' map. Check the details. Visual Upgrades: - Magma Islands! Discover Magma Crystals by defeating the Blackguard on these volcanic islands - New graphics for resource storages - New Statue graphics and effects - Defense building visual improvements, including distinctive buil... Read More »

  • App Thursday: Two Years of Waiting, Sentinel 4: Dark Star Finally Released

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    Every Thursday we're going to report some latest releases of fun mobile games, keep a watchful eye on our feature 'App Thursday: New Mobile Game Releases This Week'. Without further ado, let's review them all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sentinel 4: Dark Star ($4.99; Download... Read More »

  • CoC-Like Mobile Game Star Wars: Commander Launched on AUS

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    There are various fun and quirky games in App Store. But the large enterprises, like Disney, Konami, etc, don't want to pay great effort to develop new gameplay. So, a series of Star Wars themed mobile games just utilized the brand recognition, such as Angry Birds Star Wars series, Card games Star Wars: Assault Team and Star Wars Force Collection, and Disney’s pixel style of simulati... Read More »