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  • Taichi Panda 3 Pre-Registration Is Now Available

    Akami 0

    Taichi Panda 3, the action MMORPG mobile game has started it's Closed Beta pre-registration and that was announced by Snail Games, the game developer. Also this will be the 3rd game of the series and it's called 'Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter'. The game is powered by Flexi 3 engine, providing a large open world with several features, such as taming many mounts, mounted combat, P... Read More »

  • The New Kingsman Movie Inspired Game to be Released Globally in September 2017

    Aaron 0

    NHN Pixelcube, MARV Films, and FoxNext Games have partnered to develop a new mobile game inspired by the Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle films. The real-time action puzzle RPG features both a single-player campaign and PVP modes. Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game is targeted to release globally later this year alongside the theatrical release of Kingsman: The Golden C... Read More »

  • Hands-on With Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest, A New ARPG Launches in Japan

    Aaron 0

    Japanese developer gumi recently launched its mobile RPG game, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest. Based on the popular IP from Korean studio Eyedentity Games, this mobile action RPG is developed by Primus Inc, a subsidiary under gumi led by a former producer of the PC version of Dragon Nest Japan. Currently, the game is only available for iOS and Android devices in the Japanese market.  &n... Read More »

  • Tekken Mobile Version Announced for Global Market

    Akami 0

    Tekken, the popular fighting game is coming to mobile platform soon as it was announced by Bandai Namco, the developer and the publisher of the series. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices for the global market. Tekken mobile is expected to be amazing, with purchasable characters and upgrades. Also it seems like the game will be interesting for a long time after its relea... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution Guide: All Treasure Chest Locations

    Aaron 0

    In Lineage 2 Revolution, you can often find treasure chests shining in golden color throughout the map. In the treasure box, you can get a variety of rare items such as craft materials, Proof of Blood, and rare skill books. Since the treasure chests refresh in fixed places on each map, even beginners can find the treasure chests any time if they know the location of the treasure chests. To ... Read More »

  • New Mobile MMO Crystal of Re:Union Will Be Released in SEA and Oceania

    Akami 0

    The free-to-play MMO strategy mobile game Crystal of Re:Union will be released for Southeast Asian and Oceania region in Q4 of 2017 as it's announced today by gumi Inc, the Japanese game developer. Crystal of Re:Union features RPG elements and real-time tactical gameplay. Players will build up the kingdom to effectively battle or defend against others by their own armies to rule the world. ... Read More »

  • Alliance X Empire (KR): Nexon's Flagship Mobile MMORPG Has a Release Date

    Akami 0

    Alliance X Empire, the new mobile action MMORPG which developed by Nexon Red finally got it's release date announced. Nexon Red revealed the launch schedule, detailed contents and service plan through a meeting occurred today. The game will launch in South Korea in Q4 of the year on September 14th along with many features revealed during the meeting. Nexon's vice presiden... Read More »

  • 5 Recommended Mobile Games to Play This Week (August 10-17, 2017)

    Aaron 0

    With tons of new mobile games and updates rolling out every day, it is challenging to find the best new games for your mobile devices among all kinds of choices. To help out, we round up five awesome games we think are worth downloading and playing this week. To find out more, you can also check out last week’s recommended mobile games. Titanfall: Assault Developed by Nexon, Titan... Read More »

  • Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Has Launched Today in Japan

    Akami 0

    Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is a new role playing mobile game from Primus Inc and Gumi Inc. The game got released today for iOS and Android devices for Japanese market (if you can read Japanese you can download and play the game). The game also reached 500,000 pre-registered users, which means there will be rewards given to the players from today till September 12, as it was mentioned on the offici... Read More »

  • Black Desert Mobile: Watch the First Gameplay Trailer

    Pearl Abyss has finally released the first ever trailer for the upcoming mobile verion of the popular MMORPG, along with the official teaser site.   The trailer shows some playable classes, gameplay features like siege, fishing, logging, mining, and boss raid, etc. The trailer shows brilliant graphics for a mobile game, and it's said that all footage is from the actual game. There's... Read More »

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