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  • G-Star 2014 Round-up: Lineage Eternal Beta 2016, Lost Ark Gameplay, etc

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    G-Star 2014 has come to an end yesterday. In the best MMO party of Asia, Many developers as NCsoft, Nexon, XLGame, etc have showed their best games to us. In the past 4 days, 2P has brought you the latest new MMO information. Did you read them all? If you miss, don’t worry, today we will go back to see what happened in G-Star 2014. Lineage Eternal Key Words: Beta Date, Gameplay Tra... Read More »

  • [Boom Beach]Nov 22, 2014 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-20 Video Guide by CC

    Hello! Dr.Terror is coming,so cc is coming too. I will share my video guide like last week. I try to use least power and population in the videos,because Iwanna make guide more helpful for more. If you get any trouble,you could write down your problems in comments.I will reply as soon as possible. My apple ID is yxwz0612@sina.com,game name is cclol^-^, we can be friends. If you like ... Read More »

  • NHN's New 3D Action Mobile RPG 'The Soul' Begins Beta Testing on November 20th

    NHN today announced their 3D action mobile RPG The Soul has begun beta testing on November 20th, which comes to more than 156 nations on both iOS and Android platforms. The game features fast-paced action and dressing system. The story of The Soul takes place in the Three Kingdoms period of China. In the game, you will play as a hero without soul so that you have to collect souls t... Read More »

  • Lineage Eternal Mobile Version Hand-on Experience: Same Graphic Quality with PC

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    In G-Star 2014, NCsoft simultaneously shows the PC and mobile versions of Lineage Eternal. We know that PC version of Lineage Eternal has a high quality graphic effect and interesting gameplay experience. Then, how about the mobile version? You may get some information from the gameplay video in below. From the video, we can see that the whole layout of UI and graphic quality of mobile ... Read More »

  • How to Register a China App Store Account

    From yesterday on, a lot of games are only sold for $0.16 in China App Store, includes Plague Inc, Rayman: Jungle Run, The Room, and other outstanding games. It is a good chance to purchase the games you like. If you don’t have a China App Store Account, don’t worry, here’s the tutorial to tell you how to register the account. If you have any question about the turorial, leave me... Read More »

  • [G-star 2014]NEXON's TCG Mabinogi Duel Unveil 5 Gameplay Videos and Screenshots

    On the opening day of G-star, NEXON unveiled 5 new videos for its latest TCG Mabinogi Duel. There are 4 gameplay videos and one new promotion video. The 4 gameplay videos are based on generation mainstream that could experience at G-star Nexon hall and a mission special for G-star. Promotion Video Mabinogi Duel is a strategy card trading game optimized for mobile devices. With 5 resources ... Read More »

  • Mobile Version of Project HON Hand-on Video Unveiled

    In the first day of G-Star 2014, NCsoft showed us the mobile version of their upcoming PC Shooting Action RPG 'Project HON' while comfirming the mobile version is in development now. Attendees on NCsoft booth can have a chance to experience the mobile version on Smartphone, Tablet PC and Oculus VR. Check out the hand-on video in below. From the video, we know that players won&#... Read More »

  • Nexon Announced New 3D Action Mobile Game 'Preta' on G-Star 2014

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    In the first day of G-Star 2014, Nexon brought us another surprise. That is the brand new 3D action mobile game ‘Preta’. The game takes places in the medieval fantasy world and features real-time PvP and diversiform dungeon system. Preta is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2015. The trailer tells the story of Preta’s background – Ancient humans who f... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior's New Gameplay Trailer Released on G-Star 2014

    Nexon today revealed the new gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMORPG Tree of Savior on G-Star 2014. Check it out! The open world MMORPG Tree of Savior is developed by IMC Games whose development capability is recognized in global game market. The graphics reminds us of IMC’s famous PC MMOPRG Ragnarok Online. In Tree of Savior's hypothetical world that is covered by dense fore... Read More »