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  • RZ COS Latest Cosplay Features Seductive Spy Character in Hunters Adventure

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    NCSoft has recently launched new mobile multiplayer anime shooter Hunters Adventure for iOS and Android in Korea. In this game, you can find various distinctive characters and no doubt that those seductive female characters are definitely become the hot choices of Korean cosplay teams. Recently RZ COS presents us a series of cosplay for Hunters Adventure character Amy who is a sexy spy and als... Read More »

  • Old School Beat-em up Action RPG Never Gone Now Available on Appstore

    If you love old school beat-em up action game, Never Gone from Hippy Game is such a game designed for hardcore mobile gamers. The game is now available on Appstore for $2.99/£2.29 in English, French and German. Never Gone is set in a gothic styled world where humans, vampires and demons co-exist. The three are constantly waging war against one another, trying to seize control. Play ... Read More »

  • Sword Art Online Is Getting a Mobile Game Named Memory Defrag

    Ever wanted to be in Sword Art Online? Besides an upcoming VR MMORPG Sword Art Online: The Beginning, SAO fans now have something new to expect as it is getting a mobile game called Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Bandai Namco will be the developer behind the title. It won't an MMORPG mobile game but instead, will be a side-scrolling Action-RPG. The game is adapted from a 2009 Japanese... Read More »

  • HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales - Everything to Know Before you Play

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    Nexon's new Unreal Engine 4 mobile action RPG HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales will be official launched in July. Developed by NAT Games founded by Yong-Hyun Park, the renowned designer behind Lineage II and TERA, HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales will definitely be an eye-catching title and attract players by its high-end visuals and robust content. Today, we will dive into the game and pres... Read More »

  • Interview with Webzen on MU Origin: Game Contents Are Endless

    MU Origin is Webzen's upcoming open world mobile MMORPG which is adapted from the popular PC online game MU Online. 2P is happy to sit down with the the game producer Teddy, talking about MU Origin on the game features and Webzen's plan on the game localization and more. 1. Q: Hi, first of all, it’s my please to interview MU Origin team. Can you please introduce yourself to our re... Read More »

  • Dynasty Warriors Mobile CG Trailer Released

    As we reported before, Perfect World is now working on Dynasty Warriors Mobile. Recently, we found its CG trailer on a Chinese video site, which is shown below. The game will be available for android and iOS users soon.   Dynasty Warriors Mobile is a mobile head-to-head fighting game with side-scrolling elements. Experience historical combat featuring heroes from China’s Th... Read More »

  • MMORPG Theia Now Available for Korean Android Users

    ENP Games, a Korea-based game publisher, announced that their latest MMORPG Theia is available for Korean android users.   Theia is outstanding for its unique theme of meeting people from all over the world.  Set in a beautiful heaven, players can enjoy their adventures in the world. Also, there are 3 classes for players to choose from, including Human, Orc, Elf. And players can cr... Read More »

  • UE4 Mobile RPG HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales Introduces New Ranger Class

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    Nexon’s new Unreal Engine 4 mobile action RPG HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales will be official launched in July. Just the couples of day before launch, the developer just released that a brand-new Ranger class is now available to play in Korean version. If you are a fan of bows or back-stabs then this is the class for you. Rangers specialize is doing heavy distance damage with bows, but ... Read More »

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