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  • Viking-themed Banner Saga 2 is Available For iOS and Android

    Versus Evil announced that Stoic’s turn-based RPG Banner Sage 2, the sequel to the awarding winning indie hit The Banner Saga, is now available for mobile devices.   As a Viking-themed strategy game, player will assume the role of a leader in Viking clans. In order to survive in the hostile environment, players need to take bold decisions. You need to learn how to manage resources... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Best Freeze Hog + Peeka Deck and Guide for Arena 6-8

    This is another deck that has been highly recommended by Chief Pat. Chief Pat being one of the top players in the game and a famous youtuber has also accredited this deck to be the best deck in the game! This deck will feature a new combination, counters and push strategies in order to ensure a three start in every match.   This battle strategy can be used in Arena 7 and higher. &nbs... Read More »

  • Onmyoji Has Swept the Chinese Mobile Game Market; and It’s Coming Worldwide

    You may haven’t heard of Onmyoji, the mobile game from NetEase Games, but you should keep an eye on this game now if you play mobile games for the game will be launching in Japan and in the west in the future. In Chinese market the game has hit the "Top Grossing" chart shortly after it was available on iOS in early September. The anime style mobile game reached one million daily ... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus Mount Taming Guide, Sea of Hakanas

    While it is one of the advanced areas of Riders of Icarus, the Sea of Hakanas also has one of the smallest bestiaries, with four Elite as well as eight Common familiars. This guide will list the Hakain's Crossing mounts of Riders of Icarus, while guiding you on how to tame those with a special requirement. Elite Albino Ashtail   Location: Sky Farm Camp Requirement:&... Read More »

  • Pocket MapleStory Latest Content Update Adds Powerful Blaze Wizard

    Nexon has announced that the tenth character, Blaze Wizard, will be introduced into Pocket MapleStory. As the top magician of Cygnus Knight, Blaze Wizard uses powerful magic with her superior intelligence and sharp skills. Using the element of fire, Blaze annihilates her enemies making her one of the most revered characters in the original MapleStory.   Pocket MapleStory for Android and... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Budget Giant + Valkyrie Deck for Arena 6-7! No Epic Cards!

    This is an Attack strategy that features cards that are in the possession of virtually every arena 7 player out there. So its safe to say that this strategy can be used by anyone and is extremely effective in its own way. This is another deck that one of the best players in the world(Ash) has been using to get to arena 8 with ease.   This battle strategy can be used in Arena 6 or 7. &nbs... Read More »

  • Anime Warriors: Fight with your favorite Anime Heroes

    Anime Warriors was launched in 2015 and already has the recognition of worldwide game market. Its success is not only due to its characteristic systems, but also a result of its good performance and obtaining iTunes Feature several times. No matter you are a freshman or core gamer of Anime Warriors, let’s start our adventure inside Anime world right now.  ... Read More »

  • Mobile MMO JRPG Alchemia Story (JP) is Now Available for Alpha Test

    Asobimo announced that its new mobile MMO JRPG Alchemia Story will be available for alpha test during September 28-30. We got a new teaser trailer at TGS 2016, check the video below.   Player will be able to play 2 characters including a supporting character called YOME. Apart from the appearance, players will be able to customize the characters’ age, body type and breast siz... Read More »

  • Devilian Mobile Soft-Launches in 8 Countries on Android Platform

    Gamevil has soft-launched moible action MMO Devilian Mobile today in 8 different countries: Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, Vietnam. Android users in these countries can go to the Google Play Store,search for the game and download it. Without an exact release date, Devilian Mobile will formally&nbs... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: This 1.8 Elixir Mega Minions Deck will Take That Tower!

    Try a "Micro Mega Minion" deck.... When Mega Minion (MM) was released I wanted to find a way to really test him out so I fiddled with various versions of the above deck. At first it was a troll deck, and my sole goals against my clanmates were to see what he could and couldn't do, offensively and defensively, and to try to even survive a game. That was before I bought the Lumberja... Read More »

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