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Dragon's Prophet Wintertide Update Is Live

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced the launch of Dragon's Prophet Open Beta update Wintertide. This update comes with 4 new dungeons, public quests, skill changes, a level cap increased to 70 etc.

You can check out detailed features below or visit the official website:

  • Increases Adventure and Crafting Level Cap to 70
  • 4 New Dungeons, Including a New Legendary Dungeon
  • 12 New Public Quests
  • New Achievements
  • New Dragons
  • Introducing Emotes
  • Dragon Chamber to Store Up to 100 Additional Dragons
  • New Guild Abilities
  • New Housing Additions Including Price Adjustments
  • Class Balance & Skill Changes
  • UI Refinement
  • Lots of Bug Fixes
  • And more!

Here are some new screenshots of Dragon's Prophet's new dungeons. Check them out while you are here.

Dungeon - Yodrak's Thunder

Dungeon - Lodar Cave

Dungeon - Torran Prison

Dungeon - Ironfang Fortress

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