ArcheAge Update Meets a New Bad Ass Red Dragon and Cash Shop

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ArcheAge Red Dragon Cash Shop

Earlier this month, XL Games launched a red dragon event on the Korean servers, making players experience the power of the dragon ahead of time. And now this bad ass Red Dragon filed boss will officially come to the game in the latest ArcheAge update.

Judging from the videos courtesy of, it seems this boss is much harder than the notorious Kraken. With such a giant body type, the red dragon can easily ricochet a whole group of players by waving his two powerful wings. Players need to work together continuously to take the dragon down.

Another content included in the update is a real money cash shop located in the Market District and features several floors full of clothes, animals, cars, and much more. Players are able to browse the full-scale models and diversified merchandise, just like in a real life market.

ArcheAge is currently a free-to-play sandbox MMO exclusively in Korea. Western version will be published by Trion Worlds with no confirmed date.


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