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19-year-old Gamer Made a Skyrim Mod to Get a Job at Bethesda

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19 years old Alexander J. Velicky graduated from high school over a year ago. He didn't go to college and instead he spent 2,000 hours over the last year building Falskaar which is a new mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to prove that he deserved a job at Bethesda.

His impressive mod adds almost 25 hours of content, a land mass a third the size of the original game, new characters, new voices including composing an original soundtrack, and dozens of quests according to pcgamer.

According to Velicky, his father was incredibly supportive and allowed Velicky to live with him without charging living expenses and rent. So that Velicky was able to not have a job and make Falskaar become his job.

This awesome new mod Falskaar has won overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. Velicky knows that Bethesda is aware of him and the best way to realize his goal is to create content that meets the standards of Bethesda's incredible development team.

Velicky was not an expert and he said that he still had a lot to learn. "I'm always looking to learn and improve, and Falskaar was a huge chance for me to do this".

Check out the features of Falskaar below:

  • An entirely new land independant of Tamriel, roughly the size of 2-3 Skyrim holds.
  • 20-30+ hours of gameplay.
  • 26 quests, including a 9 quest long main story, and 17 side quests! (Along with some unmarked content)
  • New items including new books, recipes, weapons and armor sets. (A mix of brand new, and retextured)
  • Two new spells and a new shout.
  • A bard with several unique new songs.
  • A soundtrack containing 14 brand new tracks composed by Adamm Khuevrr just for Falskaar, adding more than 40 minutes of new music!
  • A fully voiced experience, featuring almost 30 semi-professional and professional voice actors and actresses.


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