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Who Is the Leader of Guild Wars 2? Depends on You!

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Guild Wars 2,MMO

In original MMORPGs, we always accept the game content passively from developers and let them decide the game's destiny, not players. But now, you may have opportunity to decide Guild Wars 2’s destiny. According to the latest update introduction announced by ArenaNet, you can adjust, even change the whole real living world partly after this update performed. This update, called Cutthroat Politics, will be released on July 23rd. That's the second since ArenaNet promised keep cadence to update game per two-week. Throughout this way, you may enjoy the creating a real living world experience, which is different from other games.

Guild Wars 2,MMO

An assassination leads to a vacancy of the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Ambitious war hero Ellen Kiel and prominent merchant Evon Gnashblade both want to compete for this empty seat. But it is not a simple decision, because it depends on you finally! In order to win support from players, they strike a lucrative trade agreement with the merchants of the Zephyr Sanctum. You can join in a series of events to consider and decide who your favorite candidate is from July 23 to Aug 5. To avoid missing these events, please check out the schedule below.

    New Events
  • Southsun Survival: Armed with only a bow and whatever supplies they can scavenge, players will face off against each other in a battle to be the last one standing. Karma, coins and the chance to receive an exclusive Back Item also are at stake in this new competitive activity.
  • Aspect Arena: Players can pick one of the Aspects of Lightning, Sun, or Wind and face off in teams to collect crystals in a new PvP activity. Each Aspect grants different skills with which to maneuver and fight.
  • Candidate Trials: Players can test their battle skills alone or with a group in support of their chosen candidate by taking on waves of Aetherblade pirates. Support tokens and loot – even a rare chance at an Aetherized weapon – will be granted to those who can hold out.

Guild Wars 2,MMO

Besides new events, ArenaNet adds Exclusive Back Items, rare drops from the Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena activities respectively, and Mini Ellen Kiel and Mini Evon Gnashblade, two mini pretty pets.

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