5 Weirdest Games For Your Mobile Devices

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6 Weirdest Games For Your Mobile Devices

Every day there are hundreds of new games make their debut on the App Store. Some of them are so amazing that players drop their jaws to "wow". Some of them are so weird and players drop their jaws speechlessly. One common feature of these games is that when you get your hands on them, you may ask yourself: "what the heck is this?" Another feature is that you actually cannot answer your own question even after playing these games. Maybe they belong to a new game genre: weirdie. And their slogan is "Weird Weirder Weirdest, never let it rest."

In actuality, these games are quite popular. Many "hardcore" players are crazy about them. Here is a list of 5 weirdest games for your mobile devices. You might as well give them a go and try to figure out what the heck are them. Good Luck!

No. 1: Observation Diary of Father Cultivation  (おやじ観察キット)

Please excuse my bad translation. In the game you play a kid, the major task is to cultivate…not mushrooms, not plants but fathers. Yes, you hear that right. You have to cultivate middle-aged fathers whose bodies are babies. Fathers come to the world in an abnormal way – you put earth in a sink – you wait – an egg appeared in the sink – you wait again – the egg cracked – a baby was born, a baby with an embarrassed matured man face. Then you have to feed him, care for him. Gradually, the baby grows up and becomes a "real" middle-aged man -- father. There are various types of fathers: some are in maid costumes; some are wearing uniforms of high school girls. Based on the game's official description, by playing the game, players will get some knowledge about the biodiversity of father the creature in Japan. How beneficial it is! Right now the game is available for both iOS and Android. You can make the first step of your scientific research journey by downloading it.

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