WoW Tribute From Yaoren: Oondasta Stepping on Graves

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 A wower, also an animator, Yaoren records his experience of playing World of Warcraft with his pen. Recently his latest painting featuring Oondasta walking on a cloud of graves is very vivid.

Oondasta required over 120 people to defeat. And most of time is spend on running back. That picture presents the situation very well.

Yaoren,a wow from China, is famous wow illustrator. His works usually focused on the wow backstorys, family love, friendship, or the character emotions that most players don't pay attention to.In addition to the portraits,his works are mainly based on the background of horde culture,or show the fortitude character of horde. And here are some other painting of Yaoren about WoW.


World of Warcraft, Peripherals

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