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How to Gear up Quickly in 6.0.2 Prepatch





Patch 6.0.2 has just been released for World of Warcraft, and there are tons of new contents that you can experience in this patch included Iron Horde Blasted Lands, Upper Blackrock Spire prelaunch event, new character models, etc.

Like the previous prelaunch patch, it’s easy for newcomers to gear up and get well prepared for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor. Today, we will show you some tips that you can get those decent gears easily.

Justice and Valor Point Gear
  • Epic ilvl 489 gear formerly cost Justice Points. If you have an ancient 90 that doesn’t have boosted gear, these are sold choices for all slots except weapons. Sold by Commander Oxheart in Townlong Steppes--click on the NPC to see all of the the items.
  • ​Epic ilvl 522 Shado-Pan Assault gear formerly cost Valor points. While most of this gear requires Friendly, each boss gives 300 reputation and trash gives reputation too from Neutral to Friendly. Plus, you can buy the ilvl 522 neck at Neutral. All slots are covered except weapons, with Shoulders requiring Exalted and probably not that practical for gearing up quickly. Sold by Ao Pye in Townlong Steppes.​​
  • ​​Transmog tip: a lot of old Cataclysm tier pieces that cost Justice Points are now available for gold--try out a new mog!

 PVP Gear
  • Season 15 Prideful gear (ilvl 550) is now available for Honor Points in the prepatch from Starlight Sinclair and Shonn Su. The season total earned requirement for this gear has been removed.
  • Several shortcut ways of getting Honor Points have been removed in the prepatch--killing Krasarang rares, converting Justice to Honor Points.
  • To get Honor Points in 6.0.2, you can run battlegrounds (bonus Honor Points from holiday ones), as well as skirmishes. You can also run Tol Barad, for 450 Honor Points per win and the additional 300 Honor Points from Victory in Tol Barad once per week. Wintergrasp is currently bugged, but when repaired, will be a great source for easy honor too.
Blasted Lands Quests

Completing the Level 90 Blasted Lands Quests rewards several pieces of gear. Upper Blackrock Spire 

The special level 90 version of UBRS drops ilvl 550 rings, gloves, chests, and select weapons (Click here for detail loot). You can queue multiple times per day.

Garrosh Heirlooms
  • If you do not have an heirloom yet from Garrosh, you have a 100% chance with the Smash 'n Grab buff to have an heirloom drop. This is ilvl 556 on Normal, ilvl 569 on Heroic, and ilvl 582 on Mythic. When Warlords of Draenor hits, these heirlooms will scale as you level, capping out at ilvl 620 at level 100. Click here to see all the heirlooms.
  • Do keep in mind that you cannot queue wing by wing for Siege of Orgrimmar now--you either need a partially-cleared old lockout or you’re stick clearing the entirety of Siege of Orgrimmar to reach Garrosh.
  • Also make sure you have the correct loot specialization selected so you get the heirloom you want.
  • You can see what the heirloom scales to at a specific level by visiting a page like Hellscream's Warbow and then moving the slider underneath the item tooltip between 90 and 100. The stats will update and you can see how Normal, Heroic, and Mythic heirlooms all scale at different rates to hit 620 at 100.
Lesser Charms

50 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune are used to upgrade Mists of Pandaria epics in 6.0.2, since Valor Points are going away.

Source: wowhead
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