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WoW 5.4 Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Quest Line

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Among the new models for WoW 5.4 there is a noodle cart. It is kit which will provide you buff. Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Kit sells up to 10 bowls and Grand Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Kit serves 25 persons. That’s cool, who doesn’t like a noodle cart? To obtain this noodle cart you need to complete a long quest ling. Follow me.

1. The quest starts from a old scutcheon. You need to find its holder of in Bear Villige on Timeless Isle
2. Find the recipe in Temple of the Jade Serpent
3. Defeat Lin’s ghost.
4. Talking to Sungshin Ironpaw in Halfhill market.
5. Sungshin Ironpaw asked you to collect 50 grains in the south of Halfhill market. You can carry 30 grains at most. And once you are injured you’ll lost all the grains.

After that you’ll rewarded recipe of Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Kit which will add 300 points to a useful stat for 1 hour. And continue to the quest line you’ll get Grand Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Kit.

6. Go to Stormstout Brewery and bring back 15 bowls of heavy wine to Sungshin Ironpaw. And this will reward you recipe of Grand Pandaren Teasure Noodle Cart Kit


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