BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest Coming Soon

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We know, everyone has a dream of standing on a big stage like America's Got Talent or The X Factor, show what you can and enjoy the applause from audiences. Maybe you are not a singer, a film star or a certain famous person. But now, a special opportunity is coming for you, if you are one of Blizzard gamers. To celebrate Blizzard gaming culture, Blizzard officially invites every fan who want to shine a spotlight on skills to join in the BlizzCon2013 Talent Contest.

"To be considered, you’ll need to create a 2-minute video of you (or your band, troupe, or what have you) performing your Blizzard -themed talent, post it on YouTube, and submit a link (or if you’re part of a troupe, have your troupe’s spokesperson upload it).” Blizzard said. If your work is recognized, you will be invited to join in this grand meeting formally. In addition, Blizzard offers some examples below for reference if you have no idea to create your own work.

  • Drama! Re-enact a scene or monologue from a Blizzard game
  • Comedy! Make us laugh Blizzard-inspired stand-up or sketch comedy
  • Music! Perform an instrumental or vocal cover of a Blizzard song, or write and perform your own original composition
  • Dance! Come up with an original dance routines set to Blizzard music or original Blizzard-themed compositions

The finalists will be selected based on talent, live performance (remember, you could be performing on stage!), humor, entertainment, originality, creativity, and strong Blizzard theming. It is worth mentioning that Blizzard won't select finalist based on any pre-existing categories.

Maybe you can't wait now. Head over to the contest page to sign up. And please check out the rules before you decide to join in.


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