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The Secret World Issue #7 Update Brings in Explosive Actions

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The Secret World

Today all members of The Secret World are able to play the game's latest update three days earlier than other players. Issue #7: A Dream to Kill continues the game's main story line, adds action-packed missions, and expands the game's content with new weapons as well as new cloths. Jumping into the shoes of a secret agent, you can expect some heart-stopping actions like chasing on snowmobile, jumping off the bridge, blowing up helicopters, etc.

The update sets the story for Tokyo, from where filth is starting to leak into Agartha and threatens to corrupt the branches leading from the Tokyo portal and beyond. As you progress in the storyline, you will go on a high speed and highly weaponized snowmobile chase and blow up the Orochi Helicopters as you paraglide off an exploding bridge. Prefer stealth? See if you can escape from a devious villain in proper secret agent style.

During your adventure, you can get your hands on new Flamethrower Auxiliary Weapon to bring in more flames and explosives. This weapon can set a group of enemies in fire and deal damage over time, and it can also slow down opponents or cover an area in oil.

Read the full patchnotes of Issue #7 here.

The Secret World


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