BLOODMASQUE Allows You to Create A Character by Using Photos

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BLOODMASQUE, annouced by SQEX at E3 this summer, is an ARPG about the battle between bloodsuckers and bloodsucker hunters. The game utilizes Unreal Engine to make high quality graphics, and the magnificent background music is also a highlight of the game.

Recently, 4Gamer had an interview with BLOODMASQUE's producer and his assistant, they shared something cheerful with us.

Making yourself the hero/heroine, tap and sweep to battle

A feature of BLOODMASQUE is that players can create characters using their own photos, and details of character's face such as the face-line, skin color, hair style and the hair color etc can be edited even when completing creating. You can also chose the gender as female although you're a man in fact. Of cause you can choose the preset faces provided by game as you wish.



When your character is ready, you can try to challenge different missions by fighting with enemies. The operations of fight is very simple, tap to attack and sweep to avoid from attacking, tapping in succession will release combo attack. In addition, BLOODMASQUE will have in-App purchases including some recovering items, items that can extend the time of battle, and so on.


Social elements increases the gameplay

BLOODMASQUE adds a feature in game that you can send your friends a message 'Nice Buddy!' by pressing a button on his/her profile page, a little like Facebook. Players are allowed to explore the streets freely, if you meet some other players who you want to make friends with them, you can 'follow' them.


Talking with NPCs in the street can receive missions, which include scenario missions and normal missions. Completing normal missions helps train combat skills or may get some items. Following the storyline, the scenario missions become harder and harder, if you can't finish the mission at present, you can choose the normal missions instead to upgrade your character, then challenge the scenario missions.

If everything goes well, the all scenario missions can be cleared in around 10 hours.


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