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Heroes of the Storm New Patch: Chen Stormstout, Battleground Changes, etc

Ancol Lin




Blizzard released new Alpha patch for Heroes of the Storm today. In the patch, you will see the new hero Chen Stormstout, , the changes of Haunted Mine and Garden of Terror, the 64-bit Heroes client and other big updates. Besides, the severs has been online now. 


New Hero: Chen Stormstout

Now, Chen can be purchased in in-game shop for 10000 Gold or 7.49 USD. Below are his abilities:
  • [Q] Flying Kick - Kick through a target enemy.
  • [W] Keg Smash - Drench enemies in a nearby area with Brew, slowing them.
  • [E] Breath of Fire - Breathe fire in target direction, dealing damage and igniting Brew-soaked enemies.
  • [D] Fortifying Brew (Trait) - Instead of Mana, power your Abilities by drinking Brew. Gain a shield while drinking.
  • [R1] Wandering Keg - Jump in the barrel and knock enemies around, dealing damage.
  • [R2] Storm, Earth, Fire - Split into three spirits and gain new Abilities.
>>>>>>Chen's Detail Info

Battleground Tips From the Official
  • Chen’s “Fortifying Brew” [D] also provides him a shield when using this Trait. Use it as a way to mitigate small amounts of damage heading towards you as the resource bar is filled!
  • "Wandering Keg” [R] can be used as a wonderful peeling tool. Use this Heroic Ability to keep enemy heroes away from your squishy allies.
  • If possible, hit opponents with “Keg Smash” [W] before using “Breath of Fire” [E]. The extra damage could mean the difference between a kill or the enemy escaping!


The skin for Chen was released at the same time.

In additional Chen’s skin, the master skins we mentioned before were also added into the HotS.

Heroes of the Storm Master Skin
Heroes of the Storm Master SkinHeroes of the Storm Master Skin
Heroes of the Storm Master Skin


Battleground Changes 

  • Health Regeneration has been removed from the Core, but Shield regeneration is unchanged.
Siege Giants
  • Health regeneration when Siege Giants are out of combat for 8 or more seconds has been removed.
Garden of Terror
  • This Battleground has received significant updates.
    • Upon collecting 100 Seeds, the Fertile Soil (located near the Core) will automatically grow into a Garden Terror after 15 seconds.
    • Once the Garden Terror has spawned, a 1 minute countdown timer will begin. Right click the Garden Terror to take control of it before the timer expires.
      • If no player takes control of the Garden Terror within 1 minute, it will reset to its Fertile Soil state, and the team will lose the ability to unleash the Garden Terror.
      • 100 Seeds will be automatically consumed whether or not a player takes control of the Garden Terror.
  • Infested Servants
    • Experience reward increased from 30 (+1.5 per minute) to 60 (+2 per minute)
  • Garden Terror
    • Experience reward increased from 175 (+5 per minute) to 350 (+12 per minute)
      • This specific change refers to the neutral Garden Terror found in the Gardens during the Night sequence.
    • Spore Queen’s Curse (Q)
      • Radius increased from 2.5 to 3
      • The curse is now a persistent effect which continues to pulse once per second for 3 seconds.
    • Garden Terror Overgrowth (W)
      • Health increased from 960 (+55 per minute) to 1250 (+80 per minute)
    • New Ability: Sprint (E)
      • Increases the Garden Terror’s Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Haunted Mines
  • This Battleground has received significant updates.
    • The underground mines have been reduced in size and received layout changes, which will allow the mines to be cleared more quickly.
    • Skull collection has changed:
      • The underground mines now contain 35 Skeletons, each of which drop 2 Skulls upon death.
      • The Grave Golem in the underground mines now drops 30 skulls.
      • Mercenary Camp count reduced from 5 to 3.
        • Merc Camps include two Siege Giant Camps and one Knight Camp.
        • Mercenaries captured by a team now only attack down the lane opposite from that team's Grave Golem.
      • Check out the new layout of Haunted Mines (Via Blizzard's Interactive Map tool.)


Talents Changes

  • Cast range increased from 7 to 10
Healing Ward
  • Heal amount increased from 2% to 3% per tick
  • Health gain increased from 200% to 300%
Seasoned Marksman
  • No longer requires last hits to gain stacks
  • Now only requires the player be in proximity when enemy Minions or Heroes are killed
  • One stack is earned per Minion kill, and two stacks per enemy Hero kill
  • Six stacks permanently add +1 to Basic Attack damage
Storm Shield
  • Target search radius increased from 5 to 8
About the Hero changes, we have added into our hero information articles. Check out them via our Heroes hub.


64-bit Client
  • A 64-bit version of the Technical Alpha Client is now available on 64-bit systems.
    • The 64-bit version of the Heroes client allows the game to utilize available RAM beyond 4GB, reducing the risk of Out-of-Memory errors.
    • To use the 64-bit client, please follow the steps below:
      • Launch the Battle.net App and click the Battle.net icon in the top left corner of the app.
      • Click “Settings” from the dropdown list, and then select “Game Settings” from the Settings menu.
      • Next, find Heroes of the Storm on the Game Settings menu and uncheck the box labeled “Launch 32-bit client.”
      • Finally, click “Done” in the lower right, and then launch Heroes of the Storm to begin using the 64-bit Technical Alpha client.
      • To return to using the 32-bit version of the Heroes client, simply re-check the box labeled “Launch 32-bit client” in the Game Settings menu.
    • Further improvements for the 64-bit client will be included in future updates.
    • Please also note that the 64-bit Heroes client is currently available only for Windows users. A Mac version of the 64-bit client will be available in the future.
Streaming Downloader

Much like other Blizzard games, Heroes of the Storm now makes use of streaming technology when updating to the latest version of the game. This means that players will be able get in-game and start playing Heroes even if an update has not finished downloading.







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