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City Of Heroes May Live Again

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City of Heroes

Nate Downes, President of Missing Worlds Media revealed that the negotiations for NCSoft’s City of Heroes are still going forward, but under a different form.

In his latest post called ‘And the mask comes off’ Nate explains how they managed to get in touch with NCSoft’s Business Manager Jae Soo Yoon who lead them  to Sangwon Chung from NCSoft’s Strategic Partnership Development Team. This is a small group that handles the development of new partnerships and other B2B projects.

The proposal as it stands right now goes like this:
  • The CoH IP would be spun to its own company, to handle licensing. This company would itself license the existing engine from NCSoft for the creation of a maintenance mode, using a binary copy of the i23 server.
  • The existing user database and characters are not part of this arrangement at this time, nor is the source code.
  • An arrangement is to be made to license the trademarks to the various Plan Z projects, CoT, Valiance and H&V, to create a family connection, and to allow each to drop the “Spiritual” portion of successor. This means they can make references to the original game if desired, and to enable the expansion of partnerships. This could be expanded for any of them, should the desire be there.
  • An arrangement is also to be made for the Atlas Park Revival project. As part of the informal agreement we have with them, they would be given an official stamp of approval, and the CoT game build would be licensed to them, to create a kind of “CoH 1.5” and migrate people off of the classic game engine before it finally becomes unsuitable (we expect this to happen around when Windows 9 is released, due to binary compatibility). This can be done because both APR and CoT run on Unreal Engine 4.
  • By being its own firm, the licensing company can also pursue other avenues which were unavailable before.
At the moment they are still discussing terms, ideas, limits and other challenges that need to be handled.

“Likely there will be discussions and adjustments right up until the moment the deal is signed. The whole thing may fall apart. For all we know, everything done so far has been nothing but a delaying tactic so they can say once again that they tried to work with the community to no avail. But until such time that becomes clear, we will continue forward in good faith.” said Nate. “They could have ignored us from day 1, but they did not. They may not operate at the pace we would like, but they are at the pace they are comfortable with. At this point, the ball is in their court.”

I had abandoned all hopes back in 2013, but this new piece of information makes me think that we may still have a chance to see City of Heroes brought back to life. I’m glad that Nate decided to be our advocate, and I really appreciate the time and work invested.


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