ArcheAge Western Release Date Announced at PAX Prime 2014

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ArcheAge Release Date

PAX Prime 2014

Trion Worlds announced the official release date for the much anticipated MMORPG ArcheAge today in an Interview with 2P and a few players from DVS Gaming. Players can begin the journey into piracy, siege warfare, and exploring the high seas on September 16. The game is slated to kick off Open Beta on September 4th and head start on September 12th.

ArcheAge is a sandbox, open world MMORPG focusing and innovating on trade and naval combat. The game was developed by Korean developer XL Games and is being localized and published in the US by Trion Worlds.

It’s possible that we will see some bundle’s closer to release, but for now, Headstart is still accessible for anybody who wants to check out the game early. However, something to remember, the servers will whipe on the headstart date, and all characters, land, and server data will be reset.

To make sure to make it into Headstart, head over to 

(An excerpt from our interview with Trion)

Game Features
Overview | Races and factions | 120 classes | Trading | Naval battles

Launch trailer | Mounted combat | Crafting | Housing

Popular class builds | How to earn gold | Leveling guide | Breeding guide 
Gathering ore | Crafting guide | Glider guide


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