Black Desert RU - Fishing Details And A Brand New Trailer

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GameNet, the Russian publisher for Black Desert released the first Official Trailer as well as a brief description of the Fishing system.

As you probably known from the Closed Beta events, fishing in Black Desert is not a profession. All you need to do is acquire a fishing rod that can be bought from local traders, some bait, and find a source of water. Throughout your adventure you will find a lot of rivers and swamps or you can test your fishing skills on the restless ocean, where storms and hurricanes are not uncommon.

Black Desert Fishing

Fishing in Black Desert works through different mini games. You throw your bait and wait for it. As soon as the fish bites, a QTE-mode is activated. To get the fish out of water, you need to pull it when it is closest to the surface by pressing the spacebar. If you fail to do so, the fish goes away, but if you were close to a perfect pull you’ll gain another chance by playing a short mini-game where you will need to type a sequence of WASD keys.

Black Desert Fishing

You will be able to catch a variety of fish, net fragments, house decorations while the most lucky fisherman may acquire different jewels. Fishing will also give experience (don’t think it will be a viable level-up method, but still).

Fish has a ‘shelf life’ so you will need to sell it quickly or dry it to preserve it. If you choose to dry it, its value will be reduced.

Keep up with the latest news by following our Black Desert HUB, and if you want to see some of the epic bosses that you’ll encounter throughout your journey, check the latest datamine images.


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