Strife Enters Global Open Beta Now

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Strife Open Beta

PAX Prime 2014

During this year's Pax Prime, S2 Games formally announced that their latest MOBA title Strife has now entered global Open Beta. 

Strife is a free to play MOBA that features deep, collaborative gameplay and includes purchasable cosmetic upgrades. S2 focused their knowledge and industry experience on an engaging, enjoyable, team PvP game. One key design goal was to evolve the genre to create a more accessible MOBA with a high skill ceiling. Strife offers a rich experience that rewards everyone on the team for their role in victory. New features launching with Open Beta include single player content that allows players to interact with Strife's lore, a companion app that allows players to check stats, craft items, and earn free resources from anywhere, and a partnership with Curse Voice to allow players to easily connect with friends. 

Strife Open Beta

"Our vision for Strife can be best explained by examining the globally beloved sport of Soccer," said Marc DeForest, CEO and Co-Founder of S2 Games. "The way I'd play soccer with my kids is completely different from the way I'd play competitively in college or the way World Cup teams battle professionally. We designed Strife to be a game as accessible as soccer, to be enjoyed by players of all skill levels." 

In addition, S2 Games also unveiled the full Curse Voice integration for Strife, which support the community and make it easier for people to find friends to form teams and queue. To learn more about this MOBA title, check out the game's official website or take a look at our Strife Hub.


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