Action MMORPG Rakion: Return of Heroes Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Rakion Return of Heroes

Earlier this month, Softnyx announced their upcoming action MMORPG Rakion: Return of Heroes and now they released a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing the first five characters in action (three more chars coming soon): Sword Master Iso, Warrior Wutoo, Archer Vela, Ninja Bunpa, and Magician Coobo.

At the moment there are four modes under development, including a 8-man PvE mode and a 8 vs. 8 PVP mode. It looks like this will be an instanced action MMORPG with a heavy focus on the combat mode that allows players to chain their attacks, actively dodge the enemies, and deliver powerful counter-attacks.

We will give you more details about Rakion: Return of Heroes features as soon as Softnyx delivers any updates. Until then, enjoy the trailer. 


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