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Hearthstone Trivia: Kel'Thuzad and Power Overwhelming

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Greeting fellows, in this thread, I'd like to share you guys with a trivia about Kel'Thuzad and Power Overwhelming. We know that Kel'Thuzad will summon all the friendly minions that died this turn at the end of each turn, while Power Overwhelming makes a minion dies at the end of the turn.

So here is the question: For these two cards, which one's effect triggers first? This decides whether the minion with Power Overwhelming can be saved or not at the end of the turn. You can find the answer in the video below.

So the triggering order of their effects depends on the playing order of them.
Playing Kel'Thuzad first, followed by Power Overwhelming -- The minion with Power Overwhelming won't be saved at the end of the turn.
Playing Power Overwhelming first, followed by Kel'Thuzad -- The minion with Power Overwhelming will be saved at the end of the turn.
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