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DKMR Invitational#11 Decks: [MYM]ThijsNL VS [DKMR]DTwo & Powder

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Just a few hours ago, we had our 11th DKMR Invitational where we met [MYM]ThijsNL as our guest this week. The matches between ThijsNL and [DKMR]DTwo were great but unfortunately ThijsNL ended today's challenge with 2-3 to DTwo. Therefore, the 2nd round of Bo7 match were the inhouse fight between DTwo and Powder, last week's champion. In the end, DTwo used his Druid deck, sweeping Powder with a 4-0. Now let's take a look at their decks:

PS: Next week, we'll meet [Root Gaming]Xixo, same time, same place!

ThijsNL's Bo5 decks:

DTwo's Bo5 decks:

Powder's Bo7 decks:

DTwo's Bo7 decks:

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