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How to Play Hearthstone Better? Watch and Learn with Noxious

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If you’re interested in sharpening your Hearthstone skills, there are plenty of people out there streaming entertaining and informative matches. Among these luminaries you’ll find pro players and skilled amateurs who all share a common goal—to entertain viewers by sharing their knowledge of the game sprinkled with a few laughs along the way.
Today's featured streamer is Noxious!
Noxious has been playing Hearthstone since the beginning—he was even one of the competitors in the Innkeeper’s Invitational at BlizzCon 2013! While other streamers might be focused on decision-making or card value, Noxious has a firm focus on fun. You might learn something while watching Noxious’ stream—and you’ll definitely smile.
Q: Can you tell us a little about your stream?
Noxious: I am a young yet experienced RNG master, and have been playing Hearthstone since the early pre-beta days. Contrary to most people, I tend to go for the "fun" stuff as opposed to the "serious" stuff. Not that this means I never play Skillacle Rogue or Hurrhurr Zoo, but I often dabble in some Randuin Wrynn—which I created during the alpha of Hearthstone—for epic shenanigans. I generally don’t take myself too seriously. I think it shows . . . and it makes for some seriously fun moments!
Q: What’s your favorite Battlecry?
Noxious: Show me what you've learned!
Q: How did you get into Hearthstone?
Noxious: I was really excited when I heard Blizzard had a new franchise, and went completely crazy when I heard it was a card game, seeing how I've always loved card games and the Warcraft universe. I then proceeded to make videos covering the very limited cards that were gleaned from trailers and whatnot, and ended up streaming when the beta was released. Oh, the olden days of broken Druids . . . .
Q: Do you have any advice for new Hearthstone players?
Noxious: If you wish to play Hearthstone competitively, you need to know this more than anything else: a deck that isn't card efficient will not go anywhere. Hence drawing cards—through Azure Drake, Loot Hoarder, Ancient of Lore, et cetera—or getting cards that will eliminate two of your opponents' cards, like Stampeding Kodo or Cairne Bloodhoof, is of prime importance. And learn the meaning and feel of "tempo" as applied to games.
When to Watch
Schedule: Monday–Friday, 6 a.m. PDT to about 11 a.m.–12 p.m. PDT (9 a.m. EDT to about 2–3 p.m. EDT)
You can also see Randuin Wrynn video highlights, constructed deck and Arena talks, and other assorted Hearthstone videos on Noxious’ YouTube channel. Don’t forget to follow Noxious on Twitter

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