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Updated: Empire, Bravado and Immunity qualify for MSI Beat IT LAN Finals

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During a period of seemingly endless upcoming international LANs, MSI Beat IT stands out for one reason - rather than just calling the event 'international', MSI went the extra mile to try guarantee genuine global representation at their LAN Finals in Taipei, Taiwan in November. 

8 teams will compete on LAN and all 8 will represent different regions across the globe. While it was hard to miss Team Empire's qualification as the European contender last night - where they turned around 2 consecutive losses into 2 consecutive wins to defeat VP 3-2 based on their Upper Bracket 1-win advantage - most of the world remains unaware that the African qualifier for MSI Beat IT concluded last night as well. Bravado Gaming's 'Emotion' also known as Bravado Black went the entire qualifier undefeated, including a convincing 3-0 finish in the grand final against local rivals Energy Evolution. 

This will not be the South Africans' first taste of top international Dota, 3 of their members having attended last year's ESWC, narrowly missing qualification for the playoffs (playing then, ironically, as Energy eSports.) which, incidently, Team Empire went on to win.


It appears Team Immunity have also already succeeded in qualifying for the event via the Australian Qualifier, as evidenced by Basskip's tweet from yesterday:

Though the Australian Dota 2 scene has been quiet internationally of late, Team Immunity's roster contains several well known stars, including two TI2 attendees in Shatan and Godot.

Five more teams will qualify for this event and five more regions will be represented in what will surely stand out as a unique event this year, given its strong focus on representation. LAN Finals are scheduled for 1-2 November. 

All images from msi.com. 


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