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Darkwonyx's El Diablo 0.5 Paladin Deck

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Deck Spotlight: Naxx Enhanced Midrange Paladin

Recently, TheChiv started a new Hearthstone video series named "Deck Talk" where Deck Creators, Pro's, and Commentators will bring a deck. They will break it down, give the strategy, and the mulligans, to make you better prepared for the Hearthstone Meta.

This is the episode 4, TheChiv invited Darkwonyx to talk about his EI Diablo 0.5 Paladin deck, and discusses how to play it on the ladder. Take a look at the deck below.

This deck contains many excellent naxx cards. Such as Kel'Thuzad, Loatheb, and Mad Scientist etc. Mad Scientist is popular now, which works very well to speed up the tempo at the early to mid game, I believe you have seen this card in many Hunter decks.

Besides, there are many effective taunt minions - Sludge Belcher, Sunwalker and Tirion Fordring, which have great synergy with the Redemption.
Redemption + Kel'Thuzad is also a great combo, once the opponent can't remove the saved Kel'Thuzad, you'll have two Kel'Thuzad next turn.

Now check out the deck talk video and the gameplay video below to learn more details of this deck.

Gameplay Video

Gaara's Deck Tech of This Deck
Deck Tech by Gaara: Darkwonyx's Secret Paladin Deck
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