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[Combo] Endless Kel'Thuzad: Death is Just the Beginning!

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Hearthstone Trivia: Kel'Thuzad and Power Overwhelming

Guys, can you believe you can get FOUR Kel'Thuzad on board in one turn? In this thread, I'd love to share you with an amazing combo about the Kel'Thuzad.

We have to admit that this is a great legendary minion, when he comes on stage, if the opponent can't kill or silence him in the turn, he will make huge troubles for the enemies, especially when he cooperate with some spell card, like Shaman's Reincarnate, Kel'Thuzad + Reincarnate = 4*Kel'Thuzad on board/10 Mana.

Well, when you have 4*Kel'Thuzad on board, once the opponent can't remove all of them out, and as long as one of them survives without being silenced, then all of them will come back to board at the end of the turn, what's more horrible is: at the next turn, you're likely to get more Kel'Thuzad on board. Now check the combo in action below.
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