Tree of Savior dev talks more class abilities in new blog

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MMORPG developer of Tree of Savior posted new information on their blog. To become Elementalist, you first have to run for Pyromancer. Elementalist also uses lightning spells and pure. There will be a class called puppeteer.You better protect Dievdirbys, when he erects a statue. If you hit him when he's working with the statue, the statue cannot be built. - you can see the members of your group on the map. But Scouts can choose any piece on the map and see what's there. NPCs that you interact with (most likely, you fight), will also be visible on the map. In Tree of Savior there are no musician or bard classes. But if you peel the enemy vuvuzela, certain sounds can be heard. The game will stand in different poses (emotions), but you can not dance. - Bags can be sent to other players. In the a second report, you will see these classes like Monk, Druid, Elementalist, Sapper.



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