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Pure Heal Class of LV50 ArcheAge Cleric Guide for PVE Dungeons





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ArcheAge is a very high degree of freedom game. 3 same skills set with different points also will lead to the class has the different functional bias, for example, the Healer also can with the skill of damage output. OK, there is a ArcheAge guide about the pure heal class Cleric.

Cleric: Vitalism + Songcraft + Auramancy

Cleric can buff and heal, and some debuffs if they spend the points in it, this is more of a PvE spec, and not as useful in PvP, but can still do pretty well in PvP if played right. Note: Cleric no any attacking skills, need someone with you when leveling. If you put the skills of Cleric change to a attack class, the CD of attack skill is very long, not suitable for farm mobs and leveling. Of course, you can choose Vitalism + Songcraft + Sorcery / Occultism to leveling in PVE, wearing the Magic Damage equipment, and switch Auramancy to farm dungeons in the game.
Pure Heal Class of LV50 ArcheAge Cleric Guide for PVE Dungeons

Combo is the characteristics in ArcheAge online game, as long as the target has a Buff or Debuff, will enhance the effect when you use a corresponding skill. There are 5 useful passive skills of Cleric class you need know.
Spirit Growth , increase Spirit +9%. Increase the recovery speed of health and magic, and spirit can improve the hits of melee, remote and magic.
Invigorated Healing , increase healing +50% when a healing skill goes critical. This skill very useful for pure healer.
Defiance , increase Magic Defense +500 of all allies within a 15m radius. 500 points magic defense is not low compare to your other numerical indicators.
Hold the Note , increase the performance time of Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bloody Chanty, Bulwark Ballad, and Grief's Cadence +10 sec. Ode to Recovery is the most cost Mana of them, the effect of ode to recovery from 15s up to 25s, can adds health, also can recovery mana, it is enough to recovery full mana of 4 Buff within 25s.
Loudspeaker , increases the range for Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bloody Chanty and Bulwark Ballad to 25m. Good passive skill for you, can increase the battle range and will not lead you have no buff beyond the range.
Other passive skills are not very useful for you , such as the Painful RechargeSyncopationAs a pure heal class, make sue all allies in your healing range, avoid the attack of mobs and do not increase the pressure to your group.
Give each ally a Mirror Light skill if you have a enough skilled operators, increase 15% healing for 3 m, CD 15 sec.
Mirror Light  → Resurgence  → Antithesis 
Mirror light increase 15% healing effect, resurgence can recovery +176 health over 10 sec to you an each ally, then use Antithesis within the buff of 10 sec, can increase 16% healing effectiveness. These 3 skills can make the healing maximize and with passive skill Invigorated Healing.
Mirror Light → Resurgence → Conversion Shield → Antithesis
The buff of Conversion Shield can make the Antithesis instant cast, CD 30 sec, you can use it as a rescue skill. Conversion shield converts 26% of magic damage to health within 8 sec.
Ranges of Treatments
Mirror Light
 → Resurgence → Mend 
Give each ally a resurgence if you have enough fast of hand speed, then use Mend. Mend can increase 30% healing effectiveness under the buff of resurgence. Cast time 3 sec and effect range is 20 m. Of course, this skill will cost you much Mana.
Healing Hymn 
Very fun and useful skill of Songcraft, plays a healing song that instantly restores +64 health to an ally. The healed ally can heal another 2 allies within 10 m. The song can continue to be transferred up to 3 times. The more times, the more healing. Generally, you can use this skill on MT and healing other melee classes.

For Cleric, the resurrection skill is not necessary and the skill require you have to be out of combat, so you might as well use this time to give healing for more allies. In ArcheAge dungeons, the main feature is you should kill the boss do the fast, or the times of full screen sec-skill from boss will increase or the mobs will more and more. If you group have another healer, maybe can use the Revive skill to revives an ally. What’s more, the door is closed to kill boss in a part of Dungeons, only standing outside and watching your allies combat after you resurrection of the dead.
Secondary Skills
First, the 4 skills of Quickstep Ode to Recovery Bloody Chanty and Bulwark Ballad  can stack use, they are Buff for your group and can not use other skills when you using these 4 skills, except of the Startling Strain skill. Because other skills will interrupt the cast of these skills.

Startling Strain can stun an enemy for 2 sec and give Debuff for 1 min, it is the useful point as the secondary skills in combat.

Quickstep, increase move speed +12-18% for allies within 10m; Ode to Recovery sustained recovery health and magic; Bulwark Ballad increase 960-1440 Physical and Magic Defense; Bloody Chanty increase 16-24% damage, improve 20% attack speed. How about theses skills? Amazing and crazy.

What's more, Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bloody Chanty and Bulwark Ballad skills will have negative effect in the Debuff of Startling Strain. Under the startling strain, quickstep will slow for enemy, ode to recovery will cause the enemy 135-136 magic damage per second, bulwark ballad can ignore directly the 50% of physical and magic defense from enemy, bloody chanty reduce the enemy's 20% attacks. The enemy will stuck in these negative Debuff as long as the cast of 4 skills are not interrupted. Another, you can also use these 4 skills on your mount, is simply a fast moving Buff builder.





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