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10 Cool Secrets in Hearthstone Card Art





If you've been playing Hearthstone for long, you've probably seen most cards thousands of times. We often play the game without ever really looking closely at the cards themselves. After all this time, you're still probably missing some of the coolest secrets and surprises that the card art holds in store.

I've collected 10 of the coolest secrets and trivia from the original artwork, and I think you'll enjoy them. 

Wisp Actually Has Two Lagging Ghosts Behind It
Ever since the early days of World of Warcraft, Night Elf characters were making people jealous with their wispy ways. One of their racial passives allowed them to travel considerably faster in ghost form, making corpse runs far less painful and tedious. In Hearthstone the Wisp might be a terrible card, but at least we didn't get "Lagging Dwarf" as a 0/0 for 3 mana. 

Old Murk-Eye is About to Kill Some Unfortunate Humans
A vast majority of this incredible painting is lost in the Old Murk-Eye card art. It's cropped super tight on ol' Murky himself, and misses out on the horde of Murlocs, the Westfall beach and lighthouse, and the poor humans cowering in the background that are about to get slaughtered. This artwork will bring old school World of Warcraft players back to a simpler time. You'll also notice that some of the Murlocs behind him look awfully familiar, as this image is used for multiple cards. 

Venture Co. Mercenary is About to Get Eaten
Although you can't see it from the card art, there is a very large and very dangerous-looking Devilsaur standing right behind this particular Mercenary. Look even closer and you'll see said Devilsaur's child, or wife, or beloved friend dead at the feet of our Mercenary pal. No wonder other minions are hesitant to come into play next to this guy. He's nothing more than a dinosaur meal.  

Dragonling Mechanic Has a Snowman Too

Dragonling Mechanic's card frame crops out a wonderful bundle of snowballs who is barely holding onto his tophat. It's a real shame such a dapper gentlesnowman didn't make it into Hearthstone. World of Warcraft players have all summoned a Snowman like this, and his absence in the card and the game is a disastrous oversight. Even more confusing about this card art is that the Dragonling featured above isn't the one used for the in-game minion. Even the Dragonling sidekick wasn't good enough to make the cut! 

King Mukla is Holding a Tauren... Not a Banana

If you've never seen this original artwork, you probably assumed like I did that Mukla was holding a banana in his hand! But this is a throwback to a World of Warcraft quest line featuring Mukla and his Tauren prisoner. It would almost make more sense for him to throw you a 2/2 Tauren Prisoner card instead of a pair of bananas!  

Fen Creeper is Having Gnome for Dinner

You can actually see this secret in its entirety on the in-game card, but very few folks ever look closely enough at this rarely-used card to notice. There is a cute little gnome fishing on top of this bog monster's head, and it seems her time in the world is limited. This might be the most simultaneously cute-yet-horrifying artwork in the game.   

Chillwind Yeti is Really Scared of a Warlock

For the first few weeks I played Hearthstone, I thought the pink glow on the left side of Chillwind Yeti was some sort of graphical glitch. It turns out there's a lot more to this particular painting than meets the eye! There is a Warlock sending some terror in the Yeti's direction, explaining that annoying hue. It's also likely that the Yeti is actually running away in fright instead of making a ferocious advance, making him seem far less impressive as a card. 

This Priest is Also About to Get Eaten by a Devilsaur

You can actually catch a glimpse of this Devilsaur on the Holy Fire card if you look closely. What's really interesting is that the spell itself does 5 damage and restores 5 health. That's exactly what you would need if you were caught off guard by a Devilsaur in Hearthstone. He probably hit you with 5 damage that needs healing, and he can conveniently be removed with 5 damage in return. That makes this card a perfect depiction of the stats behind this interaction in the game. 

Onyxia is Actually Fighting a Raid Group

It's sad that this card artwork was cropped to fit into Hearthstone. It depicts World of Warcraft's first real raid boss and an unforgettable moment for millions of players. This bumbling group of raiders is about to be crushed by Onyxia because they're definitely standing way too close together and wearing some terrible gear. But the perspective and the action and the nostalgia that has been captured in this single image is simply fantastic.  

Mirror Entiry is Clearly Based on Portal

Hearthstone certainly wasn't the first game to use orange and blue circles of light! Portal did it ages ago, and this original artwork is a clear shoutout to Portal's primary color scheme and mechanic. Look really closely at this Mage and you'll see a logo on his left shoulder that's awfully similar to Portal's Aperture Science logo. Look even closer a the center of his chest and you'll see a necklace that's identical to Portal's Companion Cube. Which game are we playing again? 

Hearthstone's card art is almost universally stunning and breathtaking, and knowing that there are a few secrets tucked away behind the cards makes it even more enjoyable.






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