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Echoing Ooze Wombo Combo with Priest

By Lebron on 0 0

Have to say that the naxx new card Echoing Ooze is a great card, 2 mana cost gives you two 1/2 Ooze, and when it cooperates with some buff spells, which will be a big trouble for your opponent.                                                                                                              In this thread, I'd love to share you guys with a video shows an awesome combo about the Echoing Ooze and Priest's spells - Echoing Ooze + 2*Power Word: Shield + Divine Spirit + Inner Fire = Two 12/12 Echoing Ooze/7 mana.
If you have some confusions about this minion, check Blizzard's explanation for it here: The Q&A for Helping You to Learn the New Naxx Cards Better    

Now check the combo in action below.
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