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Hearthstone Little-Known Combo: Duplicate and Voidcaller

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Greeting fellows, today I'm here to bring you a little known combo of Mage, which is about two new class-specific cards - Mage's Duplicate and Warlock's Voidcaller. So how does these two card bound together since they belong to different classes?

Well, Mage can get a Voidcaller on board by playing her secret card - Mirror Entity, you might ask that Mage has no demon cards, how can she benefit from the Voidcaller? Don't forget that Duplicate will bring you 2*Voidcaller in hand when it dies, after that, the deathrattle effect triggers, putting one of the Voidcaller in your hand onto the board, if the Baron Rivendare is on board, you can have 2 Voidcaller on board then.

Now check the combo in action below.
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