'Running Wolves' - A Vici Gaming Documentary by ImbaTV

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The forth episode of ImbaTV's TI4 documentary series has just come out - this one following perhaps the most surprising Chinese team in 2014, Vici Gaming. During the great Chinese Dota 2 shuffle early in the season, VG kept their young talented players Fy and Fenrir, and welcomed new members Super, Sylar and their experienced captain rOtk. After playing together for a while, VG won their first championship at the second Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open, and then they won their first international title at RaidCall EMS One Fall in Poland. Although they weren’t in a very impressive state and weren’t expected to have a great future before TI4, their performance in the group stage silenced all doubters. No would have imagined it - they became a pack of running wolves in the battlefield of TI4. First in the group stage and finally 2nd place by losing versus Newbee in the grand final, this result is good enough to give the thumbs up and say, never give up and keep following your dreams Vici Gaming!

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