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WildStar - The Defile Update Will Arrive In The Next 'Few Months'

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WildStar The Defile Update Delayed

One of the biggest promises that Carbine Studios made towards WildStar fans was that they will provide monthly content updates. They also claimed that 50% of their development team was working on post-launch content and that this number will increase after solving the launch issues.

In theory it sounds perfect, but for the moment only ArenaNet was able to provide frequently updates in Guild Wars 2. In a recent interview with MMORPG Life at Gamescom, Senior Game Designer Megan Starks, said that the second update called ‘The Defile’ will be released in the next “few months”, while we were all waiting for a September release date.

Overall I prefer to wait a little more to get a polished update that can provide a normal gameplay experience, instead of getting a rushed released full of bugs and other issues, but in WildStar case they just broke their promises. I know that fans will rage at me, but you have to admit that this was just a marketing move from the start, nothing more.

Q: How do you feel about WildStar: The Defile delay?


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