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Era at DreamHack (source: joinDOTA)

Adrian "Era" Kryeziu has left Fnatic, according to a press release by the team. The 18-year-old hard carry joined the organization's inaugural Dota 2 team in 2012, switching over from Heroes of Newerth, and quickly found success with his consistent performance. His most recent tournament finish was a 13th/14th place tie at The International 4, where his performance was marred by internal team drama and stress brought on from an unfortunate bout of mental illness.

Fear not, fans: Era's statement in the press release heavily implies that he won't be leaving the Dota 2 scene.

It's been a long and awesome run with the guys, but unfortunately everything comes to an end sooner or later. I'm leaving Fnatic in order to see what else there is out there, hopefully I'll be continuing in the same track at least, but who knows what will happen! Thanks to the rest of the team and our fans after all these years, I'll see you all around!

The full press release can be found here.
Fnatic attending the Dota 2 Super Match at the end of 2013 (source: thisisgame)


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