WEC Western Qualifiers Cancelled: EG, Cloud9 and a 'Mysterious Team' Invited

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Due to the post-TI4 reshuffle, D8TV have regretfully announced that the European and American qualifiers for WEC are cancelled. EG, Cloud 9 and a new unreleased all-European squad including two TI champion members were invited directly to the LAN final in Hangzhou, China from September 5th to September 7th.

Yesterday, the SEA-Korean qualifier for WEC concluded as Titan overcame TI4 wildcard-finalists MVP.Phoenix and earned themselves a ticket to China. Along with the TI4 champions Newbee who have already accepted WEC's invitation, four other spots for WEC LAN finals are now confirmed. They are:

Evil Geniuses
'Mysterious Team'

Chinese Qualifier Champion
Chinese Qualifier Second Place
Chinese Qualifier Third Place

Tournament Streams

Chinese: D8TV; LGDTV
English: BeyondTheSummit; joinDOTA
Russian: SLTV

Prize Pool

1st: 600,000RMB (~$96,060)
2nd:200,000RMB (~$32,020)
3rd:100,000RMB (~$16,010)
4th:50,000RMB (~$8,005)
5th-8th:20,000RMB (~$3,200)

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