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[Naxxramas] Frostwyrm Lair Guide: Bosses, Decks, Strategies...

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Heroic Frostwyrm Lair Guide with Basic Decks
[Collection] Kel'Thuzad Dialogues in Naxxramas
[Frostwyrm Lair] Heroic Kel'Thuzad Guide with All Classes

Greeting fellows, this thread is an overview guide about the last wing of Naxxramas - the Frostwyrm Lair, which will be opened on August 19th. Hoping this thread can help you guys to learn this wing better.

Wing Bosses Boss rewards Wing reward Class Challenges
Frostwyrm Lair Sapphiron Echoing Ooze x 2 Kel'Thuzad Paladin vs. Kel'Thuzad
Kel'Thuzad Shade of Naxxramas x 2

Reward Cards

Check the link below to learn more details about Echoing Ooze and Kel'Thuzad.
The Q&A for Helping You to Learn the New Naxx Cards Better

Class Challenge Rewards
[Frostwyrm Lair] Class Challenge Guide: Paladin

Card Back Reward
Since this quarter is the last wing of Naxxramas, after you complete all the quarters in heroic mode, you'll be awarded with a new card back - Heroic Naxxramas.

Ticket Price
700 gold or $6.99, for more details about perchasing all the remaining wings and discount, visit here: 
[Feature] All You Should Know about Naxxramas

Boss Overview Sapphiron
Normal Mode Heroic Mode

Special Cards


Boss's Card List
Pure Cold *2

Loot Hoarder
Mana Wyrm
Faerie Dragon
Spectral Knight
Necroknight (Deathrattle: Destroy the minions next to this one as well.)
Dancing Sword
Shade of Naxxramas
Azure Drake
Heroic Mode Strategy
Given the effect of Boss's hero power, we should take the minions that can take effect as soon as they comes on stage, such as the Nerubian Egg, Wolfrider, Arcane Golem and so on. These minions are cheap and can deal enough damage, thus the Secret Hunter is highly recommended here, the other classes in the options are: Freeze Mage, Aggro Warrior.

General strategy for the Secret Hunter is: Using the spells and secrets to wipe board, and relying on Eaglehorn Bow and hero power to deal damage to the boss. Gladiator's Longbow works very well to deal with the Spectral Knight.

General strategy for Freeze Mage is: Rely on some Charge minions to cut down the boss's hp and control the board with spells at the early game. Rely on the Archmage Antonidas at the late game to get some Fireballs, of course, you need to protect the Antonidas by freezing him with the Ice Lance.

Mad Scientist is the must-taken minion for the Secret Hunter and Freeze Mage.

Note: Alexstrasza is banned in the fight with heroic Sapphiron.

Video Guides and Decks
[Frostwyrm Lair] Heroic Sapphiron Guide with Warrior
[Frostwyrm Lair] Heroic Sapphiron Guide with Mage
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