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[Construct Quarter] Guide: Defeating Heroic Gluth with All Classes

By Vincent on 0 0

[Construct Quarter] "Basic Cards Only" Decks for Defeating the Heroic Bosses

Greeting fellows, this thread is a guide with gameplay videos about the duels between the heroic Gluth and each class.

Gluth is the 3rd boss of the The Construct Quarter, check the details of it below.
Boss Name Health (Heroic) Hero Power Heroic Hero Power
Gluth (Heroic)  30 (45) Decimate - Change the Health of all minions to 1. Cost: 2 Decimate - Change the Health of enemy minions to 1. Cost: 0

For the boss's deck list, and detailed strategy, visit here: http://www.2p.com/8211732_3/Hearthstone-Naxxramas-Construct-Quarter-Guide-Bosses-Decks-Strategies-by-Vincent.htm

Video Guides
Budget Warrior vs. Gluth


Paladin vs. Gluth


Mage vs. Gluth

Next Page: Priest, Druid, Warlock
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