New Chaos Heroes Online trailer shows off the first 10 heroes

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Chaos Heroes Online

Aeria Games today released a new trailer for their new MOBA, Chaos Heroes Online, showcasing the game's first 10 heroes with a look at their abilities and combat. You can watch the trailer below to check out them in action.

Here is a list of those heroes with their schedule in the video:

Tubalkein - 0:05
Rongo - 00:28
Orson - 0:49
Shade - 1:26
Eldin - 1:59
Hadan - 2:25
Lenhart - 3:03
Nils - 3:37
Rishona - 4:01
Khazad - 4:26

Chaos Heroes Online is a free-to-play action-packed MOBA with full of competition and thrilling fights. The game allows you to immerse yourselves in fight immediately until the end. In this game, you need to master your skills and perfect your strategy in order to win the victory. The ability to re-equip items in the heat of battle can make you stay close to the action at all times. 

The game is set to launch this fall. Interested players can sign up for the upcoming bate at the official site.

Chaos Heroes Online
Chaos Heroes Online
Chaos Heroes Online
Chaos Heroes Online
Chaos Heroes Online
Chaos Heroes Online

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