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[Military Quarter] Defeating Heroic Gothik the Harvester with All Classes

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Greeting fellows, this thread is a guide with gameplay videos about the duels between the heroic Gothik the Harvester and each class.

Gothik the Harvester is the 2nd boss of the The Military Quarter, check the details of it below.
Boss Name Health (Heroic) Hero Power Heroic Hero Power
Gothikthe Harvester (Heroic)  30 (45) Harvest - Draw a card. Cost: 2 Harvest - Draw a card. Gain a Mana Crystal. Costs: 1

Key Cards

Summoned Minions

Boss's Card List
Unrelenting Trainee
Unrelenting Rider
Crazed Alchemist
Unstable Ghoul
Sunfury Protector

Shadow Bolt
Drain Life

This boss has a host of minions and a few spells, and most of the minions are with Deathrattle. His hero power brings him enough hand cards and stronger board control ability.
The general idea is clear the board with your AoE spells, and you also play Mind Control Techs to steal some minions. The boss has many Abominations, so you can also utilize them to clear the board.

Freeze Mage is highly recommended here: Stall at the early game ->Control board with AoE spell/Freeze Spell at the mid game -> Turn 9 Alexstrasza ->Turn 10: Frostbolt + Ice Lance + Fireball.

Besides the freeze Mage, when you play the other classes, basically, what you need to do is try the best to clear the board and waiting for the boss die for fatigue damage and your RUSH at the late game.

Video Guides
Freeze Mage vs. Gothik the Harvester

Freeze Mage Decks:
Trump's Freeze Mage
Gaara's Freeze Mage

Budget Mage  vs. Gothik the Harvester

Paladin vs. Gothik the Harvester


Priest vs. Gothik the Harvester

Budget Priest vs. Gothik the Harvester
Next Page: Druid, Rogue, Trump's Shaman
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