Black Desert Interview: Clothes Dyeing, Swimming & Costumes to Be Added in CBT3





Black Desert

At this year's ChinaJoy, we met Brian Oh who is the Director of Overseas Business in Pearl Abyss and we had an interview with him. This interview will cover a lot of latest information regarding Black Desert's new contents in the third closed beta (CBT), new characters, PvP & PvE balance, the NA & EU publisher Daum etc. Pearl Abyss also showed the clothes dyeing system that will be available in the third CBT to us at ChinaJoy. We will attach the screenshots in this interview.

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Some main points of this interview are listed below. If you don't want to miss any interesting details, just skip the summary part and go to the full interview directly.

1. Character balance is being redesigned and the weak characters may be stronger in the third CBT.
2. PvP & PvE balance: players who are very strong in PvP could be weak in PvE.
3. No new characters will be added in the third CBT, but they will be added in open beta one by one.
4. Third CBT is scheduled around this September and open beta around this November. Game is about 80% complete.
5. Clothes dyeing system and swimming contents will be added in the third CBT. Besides, crafting and trading will be more polished.
6. Sea battle may be introduced after commercialization.
7. Korean sever will be IP-blocked in open beta.
8. Pearl Abyss will translate the text into English first and Daum will review it then.
9. Costumes will be introduced in the third CBT and Korean version will be free-to-play.

2P: Hello, can you introduce a little of yourself to the western players?

Pearl Abyss: I'm Brian Oh. I'm the Director of Overseas Business. My job is to introduce our game to the western players.

2P: Ranger seemed to be much stronger than any other classes in last CBT. What will you do and what have you done to reach a better class balance in the third CBT?

Pearl Abyss: The character balance was a main issue in the second closed beta in Korea and many players claimed that Ranger was much stronger than other three classes. We understand it and our design team is redesigning the balance of different characters. Therefore, other weak characters may be stronger in the third CBT.Black Desert
They translated part of game UI into Chinese for ChinaJoy 2014.

2P: When designing character skills, how do you think about PvP and PvE balance?

Pearl Abyss: In PvP and PvE, balance is actually a little different. For example, if Ranger was very strong in PvP, we would rebalance this class in PvE area. In other words, players who are very strong in PvP could be weak in PvE.

2P: What's the thinking behind no level cap?

Pearl Abyss: Though we have many kinds of end game contents like castle siege, trade and housing things, some players still like leveling and farming. That's why we make leveling and farming contents and remove the level cap.

2P: The western players are very curious about the new classes. Are any of them going to be playable in the third CBT or in Korean OBT?

Pearl Abyss: During the third closed beta, players can test only the previous four classes. And in open beta, we are going to add new classes one by one.

Black Desert

2P: What's the development progress of Black Desert?

Pearl Abyss: Now we are polishing our game. Around this September, we will have CBT3 and right after that, around this November, we can expect an open beta in Korea. The specific dates of CBT3 and open beta are not finally decided, but we can tell you that we have almost completed about 80% of the game.

2P: The design concept of Tamer is very special, but this class still remains a mystery to us since its announcement at G-Star 2012. Would you introduce more about this new class to us here? Tamer has got a lot of fans already.

Pearl Abyss: A lot of things about Tamer have been changed. To be frank, there is not much to say about Tamer as the concept is different now and this class is still in development.

2P: What are the major focuses of CBT3?

Pearl Abyss: In the third closed beta, we will add some special contents like clothes dyeing and swimming contents. Besides, crafting and trading will be more polished.






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