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NAXX Druid Helps You Climb Ladder in New Season

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NAXX Druid

Deck overview
With Naxx cards added in, players gain more board interaction than before. It is a Roar Druid built around latest cards and features solid board control. Hawnted Creeper and Nerrubian are great minions to stop opponents to drops AoEs or you can cast them with Mark of the Wild to trigger their Deathrattle. Additionally, Loatheb is a great minion to stop opponents to drop big spells in mid game, protecting your core minions from being targeted by spells. Yeti, Keeper of the Grove and Druid of the Claw are solid minions for board control. With decent states, they are hard to be removed or play as a one for two trade. Since Druid misses direct removal, The Black Knight + Mark of the Wild is a great solution for big giants dropped in late game. Either way, Big Game Hunter is another choice if you miss the combo. this deck burst with Force of Nature and Fireland, so opponents easily get lethal.


TBK + Mark of Wild = removal
Force of Nature + Savage Roar = 14 damage
Power of the Wild / Mark of the Wild + Egg / Hawnted Creeper

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