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ArcheAge Interface: Things You Should Know Before Journey





ArcheAge has been released in Korea for 1 year. And it begun test in China on May this year. We can predict that it won’t take long for ArcheAge sailing to EU since the official website has already released for a while. Before you begin explore the wonder world of ArcheAge, take some time to read this guide. It will give you a general idea of how to game system works and help you master the interface better.

Status Bar

Above the screen is a bar showing status information. Red reflects the health while blue shows your mana. From the status you can learn name, class, level, health, energy and so on. Right click the status can recruit volunteers or trade with other players.

1. Player Status bar
2. Pets Status bar
3. Target status bar
4. Target’s target status bar

Team status will show you 4 teammates’ health, energy, buff and debuff. Team leader will have a crown on his head.

Mini Map
Mini map is on the upper right. You can adjust the size and opacity. Press shift an move your mouse to mini map you will see the location information.

Action bar

1. Character action bar
Drag your skill icons or items in your pack to the action bar. Then you can press the keys to cast skills. The gray skills are unavailable until the condition a satisfied.

2. Pet action bar
The pet action bar only appear when the pet is summoned.

Quests information

Like most MMos, the quest information is on the right of your screen. The underway quest will lay on the first line. The mark in the front of the quest indicate the progress. The color of the quest shows the degree of difficulty.  

Character creation

There are four races in ArcheAge: Nuian, Elf, Ferre and Hariharan. Each race has two exclusive skills . Nuian

If you enter a post-ressurection state, you receive the blessing of the Goddess Nui (a buff that increase HP/MP by 10% ). The lenght of the Goddess Nui's Comfort effect is increased by 100%.

The time required to build houses and castle-related construction is reduced by 30%.


Underwater breathing time is increased by 20s.

Your swimming speed is increased by 5%.


The cooldown timer on your recall ability is reduced by 30%.

Tree-felling and herb collecting gathering time is reduced by 10%.


Damage from falling is reduced by 20%.

Can climb trees and ladders 30% faster.

Note: All skills are passive.


The world of ArcheAge is divided into three main land which resulting in three camps. Nuian and Elf are spread over west land, Nuia Continent. Ferre and Hariharan are resides in east land, Hariharan Continent. The third camp is pirates. They are players who got 3000 crime karma. They are mainly active in Pirate Island. You can decide your camp of Nuian or Hariharan when creating your character. Any players get 3000 crime karma can become pirate no matter what camp he chose at the beginning.

Classes and skills

Classes system is a feature. You are no longer choosing 1 class from 5 but pick 1 from 120. The class is determined by the talent you choose. There are 10 talents and you pick three of them to decide your class and skills. You can reset your talent if you don’t like them.


There are 10 talents. You will have 6 choose at the beginning. They are :Combat, mage, Wild, Devotion, Death, Calling. The other rest 4 talents, Will, Fortification, Artistry, Conjury, will be available when you reach level 5 and level 10 separately.


Combat symbolizes Kyrios, god of destruction. Kyrios concedes victory to those who have faith in him, but is cruel and destructive to enemies. You can use destructive attack skills in a rage to various surrounding enemies at the same time and your attack speed can be temporarily increased to a great extent through haste.


Fortification symbolizes Shatigon, god of wealth. Shatigon has the power to bring wealth and creates impregnable fortress, so strong that even you can get locked up. You can use skills to increase your health and defense or temporarily become invincible, and sometimes protect your mates by switching the surrounding enemy’s aggro to yourself.


Death symbolizes Nui, goddess of death. Nui governs the underworld and through her hands helps everyone to rest in peace. You can use the power of the dead to give powerful magic damage to enemies and make them tremble for fear. You can also freely go to death and come back to life by making your soul leave and come back to the body.


Artistry symbolizes Lucius, the wanderer who has greatest wisdom, but always hides it in his jokes. You can support your mates by singing and playing instruments. You will be needed in combat to increase moving and recovering speeds.


Conjury symbolizes Dahuta, goddess of sea and change. Dahuta grants you wishes, but the truth lies beyond, just like a sweet dream. Instead of giving direct magic damage to enemies, you can disturb or block their attack with weakening skills such as fear, sleep, float, and tie. You can also summon evil spirits.


Will symbolizes Sal, god of portal and sealing. Sal creates portals which open close up so firmly that even legends cannot exist. He controls vitality on his own free will. You can use vitality to give powerful magic damage to surrounding enemies or protect mates from magic damage. You can also seal the opponent’s skills or create portals to teleport.


Devotion represents the bystander who controls the eons of time and symbolizes Cyprusa, gatekeeper of dreamworld. You can resurrect your surrounding mates or allies, and restore their health by healing. You have the ability to increase the viability of your mates through healing and resurrection.

Calling is an assassin type of class with backstab, stealth, and bleeding type skills.

Mage is a class oriented around magic such as fire, frost, and lightning. It has a lot of aoe abilities.

Wild is the ranger oriented class with arrows and traps.


Use W S A D to walk the charators. Press "." to change to walk mode.

Press C to open character interface.  
Melee Damage: Damage caused by melee weapons like daggers, swords and axe.
Ranged Damage: Damage caused by rang weapons like bow, wand and instrument.
Strength: Strength affects melee damage
Intelligence: Intelligence affects Ranged Damage
Dexterity: Dexterity affects hit rate and Critical hit rate
Spirit: Spirit affects mana.
Corporeity: Corporeity: affects heathy.


You can trade your items or money to other players. Right click your target’s status bar and you will find the option of trade. The trade interface is on the following picture.


The target status on the top of screen tells you the mobs’ name, level and distance. Mobs with yellow title will not attack you automatically. But they will fight back once being attacked.

Mobs with red title are hostile to you, you need to be careful walking around them. When you are fighting, the popping numbers will show the damage you get or health recovered. The green number stands for the health recovered while the white number shows the damage you get as the following picture.

Mobs will drop rewards. Press "F" to pick all. Press "G" to pick portion.


In the safe zones, PvP is forbidden. Outside safe zone, you can pess "Ctrl+ F" to change to PvP model. But you will leave trace if you kill other players. And you may be accused of murder and took in to prison if someone reports your crime. Still life in prison is fun and you have a chance to become pirate if you get 3000 crime karma. You can check here for more information about the crime system.

So far is the basic knowledge of ArcheAge, hope it will do some help for you to learn the game systems.











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