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[Naxxramas] Military Quarter Guide: Bosses, Decks, Strategies...

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Recommended Cheap Decks for Defeating Heroic Military Quarter
[Naxxramas] Construct Quarter Guide: Bosses, Decks, Strategies...

Greeting fellows, this thread is an overview guide about the 3rd wing of Naxxramas - the Military Quarter, which will be opened on August 5th. Hoping this thread can help you guys to learn this wing better.

Wing Bosses Boss rewards Wing reward Class Challenges
Military Quarter
(Aug 5)
Instructor Razuvious Dancing Swords x 2 Baron Rivendare Shaman vs. Gothik the Harvester

Warlock vs. Baron Rivendare
Gothik the Harvester Spectral Knight x 2
Baron Rivendare Deathlord x 2
Class Challenge Rewards
Ticket Price
700 gold or $6.99, for more details about perchasing all the remaining wings and discount, visit here: 
[Feature] All You Should Know about Naxxramas

Boss Overview Instructor Razuvious
Instructor Razuvious
Normal Mode Heroic Mode

Key Cards


Boss's Card List
Massive Runeblade
The Black Knight
Avenging Wrath
Abusive Sergeant
Spiteful Smith
Dancing Swords
Spectral Knight
Acolyte of Pain
Master Swordsmith

At the start of the game, there are 2*Understudy on the boss's side, and the system will give you a spell card - Mind Control Crystal to control the 2*Understudy, given the boss's hero power is so strong, thus you should kill him as soon as possible. We can see that the Understudy's body is very suitable for Priest's Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combo, so Priest is highly recommended here to defeat it.
Regarding the spell Mind Control Crystal, which should be played at the early game to steal the 2*Understudy, and then buff them to RUSH the boss. Note: the boss has 2*Brawl and a The Black Knight, watch out!

Video Guides and Decks
[Military Quarter] Defeating Heroic Instructor Razuvious with All Classes

Next Page: Gothik the Harvester
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