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Legend Rank: Naxx Egg-Watcher Druid, No Innervate

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Gaara's Naxx Token Druid - Counter Hunter Very Well

Hello everybody, today I'm here to bring you guys a naxx Druid deck - Egg-Watcher Druid, which is constructed by HsCrusher. He hit legend rank with this deck during the ranked play season 4. Now take a look at the deck below.

General Strategy
Seen from the deck's name, it's easy to figure out that Ancient Watcher and Nerubian Egg are the key cards of this deck, the general idea is taunt up them with the Sunfury Protector/Defender of Argus at the early game to control the board, and RUSH the opponent with Savage Roar.

Regarding the other two naxx cards, the Poison Seeds is useful to deal with those pesky big creatures, the Loatheb works very well to delay the opponent's tempo. Besides, what's new in the deck is, there is no Innervate, which is rarely happened to a Druid deck.

Well, TheChiv has a deck tech video and a gameplay video for this deck, watch them to learn more details of this deck.

Gameplay Video

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