Star Citizen ready to release new racing ship at $90

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​Star Citizen

The Origin M50, Star Citizen's latest racing ship, is "hanger-ready" for sale at the price of $90 right now and purchasers can now get a its visible model in their hangars before the ship is available on their fleets, the team announced at the official site recently.

Star Citizen

The Origin M50 can do duty as a fast grcourier or interceptor which is suitable for players who need to be somewhere in a hurry or get out of a jam quickly. The craft is dominated by a pair of engines that provide an incredible amount of thrust and maneuverability.  "The M50 is officially ‘hangar ready’ in Star Citizen and will now appear alongside any other ships you own. If you purchased an M50 during Star Citizen’s initial campaign, it will now be visible in your hangar. If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available again in the pledge store for the next seven days (ending Friday, August 8, 2014.)" the team said.

To learn more about The Origin M50, check out the official announcement.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen

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