DarkEden II makes its debut at ChinaJoy 2014

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DarkEden II

At this year's ChinaJoy, Korean game company Softon formally announced its new vampire themed title DarkEden II, a sequel of DarkEden which had launched in Korea since 1997. At the same time, the firm released a new trailer for this sequel, showing the appearance at the four playable races and their battle gameplay, as well as some scenes. Check it out below with a look at DarkEden II in action.

DarkEden II is a free-to-play sci-f&fantasy MMORPG that sets in 200 years after the original, in a modern world features the major conflict between humans and vampires. The hardcore of this game focuses on the PvP combat around these two races. During the long-running war, humans was growing stronger and stronger, developing a wide variety of underground facilities, electronic equipment as well as battle vehicles, and strengthening their personal abilities as well. And keeping on their ancient civilization, vampires reached their full potential to magical abilities and invented the magical power-based weapons.
DarkEden II is scheduled to start Open Beta in August 2015, and its first technical test (or alpha phase) will begin in September 2014. Stay tuned.

DarkEden II
DarkEden II
DarkEden II
DarkEden II
DarkEden II
ChinaJoy 2014

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